Futuresource Consulting is a specialist research and knowledge-based consulting company, providing organisations with insight into consumer electronics, digital imaging, media & entertainment, broadcast equipment, education technology, storage media and professional displays.

With a heritage stretching back to the 1980s, the company delivers in-depth analysis and forecasts on a global scale, advising on strategic positioning, market trends, competitive forces and technological developments, ensuring clients have access to the information that will produce the best possible results. Futuresource is uniquely positioned to provide a range of tactical and strategic services, designed to support business decision-making.

We deliver bespoke custom research, multi-client subscription services and business intelligence platforms, product tracking, price tracking and channel and end user research panels.

Research and analytics covering equipment such as TV's, Tablets, Smartphones, Speakers, Headphones, Cameras, PCs, Professional Displays, Broadcast devices and interactive whiteboards. Also includes the delivery systems such as OTT, SVoD, IoT, cloud and mobile networks

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The Strategic Market Outlook or 'SMO' is a strategic advisory service providing clients with trusted five year forecasts, vendor and channel performance analysis, with coverage of all core CE product categories, a selection of the Media and Entertainment categories, and geographical regions; including all leading and emerging markets. Regular monthly strategic and insight reports covering hot products, competitor activity, technology and related industry sector analysis.


  • TV

  • Mobile Phones & Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Wireless Speakers

  • Hi-Fi & AV Receivers

  • Soundbars

  • Speaker Docks

  • Blu-ray & DVD Devices

  • Digital Media Adaptors

  • Camcorder and Cameras

  • Home Video Entertainment


  • Europe - Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (CE only), Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland (CE only), UK

  • Americas - Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA

  • Asia/Pacific - Australia, China, India, Japan

  • Africa - South Africa, MEA (CE only)


For clients wanting to receive more frequent, tactical market reporting Futuresource has a number of quarterly sell-in panels providing granular analysis of:

  • Market Size by Quarter (Volume & Value)

  • Price Segmentation

  • Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand Share - Products Covered:

    • Education PC's, B2B Projectors, B2B Displays and Interactive Whiteboards

    • Home Audio Products (Soundbars, Wireless Speakers and Hi-Fi Systems

    • Headphones

    • Professional Camcorders

    • Broadcast and Professional Video Monitors

Geographical Coverage

  • Global


Weekly / Monthly Sell-out Tracking

The Sell-out Tracking service is a worldwide service, based on actual sell-out data with sell-in data used to gross up to the total market volume. The service covers multiple product categories in Consumer Electronics and Home Entertainment and allows weekly / monthly sales or transactions to be tracked at an extremely granular level.

Key Benefits

The use of both sell-out data and sell-in data at a granular level ensures very high market coverage and accuracy. The methodology is consistent across countries and continents allowing greater ease of international comparison. Key sales trends affecting the market and individual market segments are identified and outlined, with model / title hit lists by market segment. Personalised reporting from the Online Analyzer supports detailed data analytics. Key data available in the reports:


  • Brand Shares & Trends

  • Segment Shares & Trends

  • Specification Shares & Trends

  • Channel Shares & Trends

  • Price Group Shares & Trends

  • Average Prices

  • Model / Title Hit Lists

Product Coverage

  • Cameras, Camcorders, Action Cam, Lenses

  • Digital Movie and TV Content

  • With client support this methodology is transferable to numerous other product categories

Country Coverage

  • Services are currently available in UK, France, Germany & USA

  • Full international roll-out is planned


At Futuresource, we have developed a number of consumer and B2B user and decision-maker research programmes, designed to help you identify and understand your customers and potential customers; their characteristics, attitudes, behaviours and plans.

Consumer research has been a key element of Futuresource's research and consulting services for many years, providing the end customer perspective to our consumer electronics, content and education technology services. While our consumer research services deliver insights on a stand-alone basis, combining consumer research with our market knowledge and market and price tracking activities creates a unique platform for delivery of our analysis, insights and forecasting. Below are examples of our regular multi-client consumer research programmes. Examples of custom consumer research projects, for which many clients turn to Futuresource, please see Custom Research and Consulting.

Living with Digital

  • Between 1,500-2,000 responses in each country - consisting of a nationally representative sample.

  • Countries include: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, UK and the USA.

  • The survey runs bi-annually and launched in 2009.

  • The purpose of the survey is to understand consumers' use and ownership of technology and their viewing habits. This includes, but is not limited to, providing details on their Pay-TV and SVoD subscriptions, viewing platforms used, purchase of digital content (both movies and TV and bought-to-own vs rental), importance of content type by genre, reasons for subscribing to various video services and likelihood of continuing or starting to subscribe.

  • 25 minute web survey.

Kids Tech

  • 1,400 respondents in each country - respondents are parents of children aged 3-16. There are 7 age groups overall (3-4yrs, 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs, 13-14yrs, 15-16yrs) and within each group there is a 50:50 split of boys and girls.

  • Countries include: Brazil, China, France, Germany, Mexico, UK & USA.

  • Survey runs bi-annually and launched in 2013.

  • The purpose of the survey is to understand kids' use and ownership of technology. As part of this, the research explores children's TV and video viewing habits, devices used to view content, type and frequency of activities undertaken across various devices and use and control of the internet. In addition, the survey reviews the type and frequency of activities that children undertake away from technology. Parental spending on toys and entertainment and educational content is explored.

  • 25 minute web survey.

Shopper Journey

  • 1,000 respondents in each country. Participants must have purchased a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker or pair of headphones or be planning to purchase one of these products within a specified time period.

  • Countries include: China, France, Germany, UK & USA.

  • Survey runs once a year.

  • The purpose of the research is to understand consumers' purchase journies and buying motivations for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers and Headphones. Existing buyers are asked to provide details on the product and brand purchased, the reasons for buying from a particular brand, retailer purchased from, sources of information which are influential during the purchase journey and key purchase criteria. Potential purchasers are asked a number of questions about what they expect to buy, from which retailer they are most likely to buy and what may influence their choice of brand and model.

  • 25 minute web survey.

Smart Appliances

  • 1,000 nationally representative responses in each country.

  • Countries include: France, Germany, UK & the USA.

  • Survey runs once a year and was launched in 2015.

  • The purpose of the research is to explore consumers' interest in and ownership of smart household appliances, including washing machines and refrigerators. In addition, current household appliance ownership is reviewed and use of Smart Home services is explored. The research also assesses brand loyalty and the types of companies from which consumers would feel comfortable purchasing smart products and solutions.

  • 25 minute web survey.


Futuresource analysts are experts in their chosen fields, specialists in tracking, analysing and forecasting the markets that matter to you. Clients have direct access to analyst teams through email and telephone helpline services, ensuring we can fully support your market intelligence needs, swiftly and effectively, and provide maximum benefit to your company.


Ian Roper, Managing Director

Ian Roper
Managing Director

Sarah Carroll, Director

Sarah Carroll

Simon Bryant, Director of Research

Simon Bryant
Director of Research


Carl Hibbert, Associate Director, Media & Entertainment

Carl Hibbert
Associate Director, Consumer Media & Tech

Mike Fisher, Associate Director, Education Technology

Mike Fisher
Associate Director, New Service Development

Chris McIntyre-Brown, Associate Director, Professional Displays

Chris McIntyre-Brown
Associate Director, Professional AV

David Sidebottom, Principal Analyst

David Sidebottom
Principal Analyst

Jack Wetherill, Senior Market Analyst

Jack Wetherill
Principal Analyst

John Bird, Principal Consultant

John Bird
Principal Consultant

Adam Cox, Senior Market Analyst

Adam Cox
Senior Market Analyst

Ben Davis, Senior Market Analyst

Ben Davis
Senior Market Analyst

Claire Kerrison, Senior Market Anlayst

Claire Kerrison
Senior Market Analyst

Joanna Wright, Senior Market Analyst

Joanna Wright
Senior Market Analyst

Michael Boreham, Senior Market Analyst

Michael Boreham
Senior Market Analyst

Rasika D'Souza, Senior Market Analyst

Rasika D'Souza
Senior Market Analyst

Colin Messenger, Senior Market Analyst

Colin Messenger
Senior Market Analyst

Mats Larsson, Senior Market Analyst

Mats Larsson
Senior Market Analyst

Jeremy Wills, Senior Market Analyst

Jeremy Wills
Senior Market Analyst

Arun Gill, Senior Market Analyst

Arun Gill
Senior Market Analyst

Filipe Oliveira, Research Analyst

Filipe Oliveira
Market Analyst

Darren Taylor, Market Analyst

Darren Taylor
Market Analyst

Tristan Veale, Market Analyst

Tristan Veale
Market Analyst

Graham Cooke, Market Analyst

Graham Cooke
Market Analyst

Mariia Konovalova, Research Analyst

Mariia Konovalova
Market Analyst

James Kirby, Research Analyst

James Kirby
Research Analyst

James Manning Smith, Research Analyst

James Manning Smith
Research Analyst

Kamon Lam, Research Analyst

Kamon Lam
Consumer Research Analyst

Andrew Devine, Research Analyst

Andrew Devine
Consumer Research Analyst

Lewis Maddocks, Research Analyst

Lewis Maddocks
Research Analyst

Chris Evans, Research Analyst

Chris Evans
Research Analyst

Guy Hammett, Research Analyst

Guy Hammett
Research Analyst

Anthony Brennan, Research Analyst

Anthony Brennan
Research Analyst

Ruben Baveld, Research Analyst

Ruben Baveld
Research Analyst

Erik Huang, Research Analyst

Erik Huang
Research Analyst

Luke Pearce, Research Analyst

Luke Pearce
Research Analyst

Reid Rasmussen, Associate Consultant

Reid Rasmussen
Associate Consultant

Mette Eriksen, Associate Consultant

Mette Eriksen
Associate Consultant


Lucy Brenton, Pricing & Data Support Manager

Lucy Brenton
Pricing & Data Support Manager

Ting Zhang, Senior Pricing Analyst

Ting Zhang
Senior Pricing Analyst

William Hammond, Data Analyst

William Hammond
Data Analyst

Luke Hagger, Data Analyst

Luke Hagger
Data Analyst

Khurram Ramzan, Systems Support Manager

Khurram Ramzan
Systems Support Manager

Fei Zhu, Systems Analyst

Fei Zhu
Systems Analyst

Wayne Karpha, Systems Administrator

Wayne Karpha
Systems Administrator


James Edwards

James Edwards
Sales & Marketing Assistant

Aaron Sattaur

Aaron Sattaur
Business Development Executive

Matthew Ledgerwood, Manager

Matthew Ledgerwood

Leon Morris, Manager

Leon Morris

Melanie Knight

Melanie Knight
Operations Assistant

Melanie Tagg

Melanie Tagg
Operations & Finance Coordinator


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