How do I find out what reports and information are available from Futuresource via the website?

Select the reports tab and you will be presented with a list of reports sorted by publication date, or you can search the entire reports database by region, sector or free text search.

How do I find out more details of the contents of a report I may be interested in?

Click on the sample reports pages to open a PDF version of report contents, introduction or executive summary sections of the report. Click 'Contact Us' or send an email to requesting further details of the report you are interested in, or alternatively clcik the 'Buy This Report' button and complete the product enquiry form which will be emailed to us.

Existing Subscriber FAQs

How can I access the reports and information to which I subscribe?

Go to the 'Client Login' page on our website and enter your previously supplied user name and password.

I subscribe to the Futuresource Analyzer and I download data cubes, has this process changed?

If you subscribe to the 'Analyzer', the process of downloading data cubes remains the same and has not yet been embedded into the web portal.

I have forgotten my user name and password.

Either contact your Futuresource Account Manager directly or select 'Contact Us' and send an email to requesting a password reminder/reset.

Can I change my user name and password?

Yes you can - simply click on 'Edit Profile' alongside your login name to change these or amend/add to other parts of your profile.

What does Unlocked mean alongside a report?

This indicates that you are able to access all or part of this report depending on your level of subscription with Futuresource. For further advice please contact your Futuresource Account Manager or email

How do I download the full copy of a report?

Click on the open/save link to gain access to a PDF copy of the report.

Can I get access to an original chart or spreadsheet?

If you require this level of access you should contact either your Futuresource Account Manager or send an email to

When I login I cannot find a report which I subscribe to.

Use the 'Region', 'Sector' or 'Advanced Search' selections to check if the report is published elsewhere on the website. If the report is found but not shown as unlocked contact your Futuresource Account Manager directly or email

I am unable to access a report I am subscribed to.

Contact your Futuresource Account Manager directly or select 'Contact Us' and send an email to with details of the report for which you require full access.

How do I find other reports which may be available that are not currently part of my subscription?

Remain logged into your subscription and go to the 'Reports Search' area where you can search the database by fixed criteria of region or sector, or for greater search selectivity use either the free text or advanced searches. If you find the report you require but is locked, either contact your Futuresource Account Manager, click on 'Buy this Report' or email us at