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Blog Posts by Futuresource Analysts

Bose's Hearphones - Blurring the Boundaries Between Hearing Aids and Headphones

“Hearphones have truly changed my life” claims one review of Bose’s new generation of fashionable, customisable, ‘conversation-enhancing’ hearing aids. Thanks to a recent FDA approval for marketing the over-the-counter hearing aids, consumers both young and old are now able to purchase, program and control Bose’s ‘Hearphones’ on their own without t ...

Is it too soon to be talking about 8K?

The ongoing drive for ever-higher resolutions has been a familiar story in the world of video acquisition for many years. But, after IBC 2018, talking about the practical application of 8K is no longer taboo. Japan’s state broadcaster, NHK, has long been the driving force behind 8K. Manufacturers have been committed to developing an ecosystem of p ...

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