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Blog Posts by Futuresource Analysts

China: A Hotbed of Smart Speaker Activity

A trip to China last week, which involved numerous meetings with audio ODMs, brands and technology partners, culminated in Futuresource making a presentation at the Alexa summit in Shenzhen on the outlook for smart speakers and voice assistants. China is an appropriate location for such events because the smart speaker market there has ballooned in ...

NetDragon, Edmodo and the Impact of This Week's Acquisition

This week, Chinese online games company, NetDragon Websoft, announced its agreement to acquire US-based Edmodo, the global education network. The deal will likely present growth opportunities for NetDragon’s broader portfolio of education solutions and could have competitive ramifications for companies operating across the breadth of the education ...

2018 UHD Content Rollout to Improve Once Technicalities are Resolved

The UHD sector has continued its steady evolution over the last year; from a consumer perspective UHD is becoming commonplace with a variety of devices and distribution platforms now available. However, from an industry perspective there is still a significant amount of ongoing grappling with the technology, more specifically, justifying and provid ...

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