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Futuresource at CES 2023!

Is there a better way to start 2023 than browsing the floor at one of the most highly anticipated industry events of the year? The Futuresource team thoroughly enjoyed exploring the latest innovations across automotive, digital health, sustainability, spatial audio, gaming, and much more.

Now that the team have landed back in the UK, make sure to sign up for our post-show report, launching very soon!



 How did the Team's Predictions Hold Up at CES?


The B2C Future Sessions | Watch Now

Following on from our trip stateside to CES this year, have a listen to what our B2C analyst team predict for the future of consumer electronics and entertainment. In our latest ‘Future Sessions’, our expert analysts discuss the sweeping technology landscape, discussing what may emerge throughout 2023 and beyond.

Syndicated Reports


Headphones Market Report 

Our analysts deep-dive into various use cases across the global headphones market. Considering true wireless (TWS), Bluetooth, and smart headphones, our report delivers the insight you need to stay ahead.

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Home Audio Market Report

Futuresource's Home Audio Market Report provides an updated outlook for global developments in wireless speakers, soundbars, A/V receivers, home theatre audio, smart speakers and Hi-Fi system markets.

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Wearables Market Report 

Wearables are well-positioned for a period of considerable growth. Navigate this ballooning market and gain a strategic framework to guide business decisions with our Wearables Market Report.

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Virtual Assistants Tracker

This popular form of AI continues to gain traction worldwide. With our Virtual Assistants Tracker, you can get a handle on this promising market and monitor new developments as they unfold.

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Gaming Headsets & Accessories Market

Interest in this sector remains high, as gaming increasingly becomes a hobby of choice. Futuresource's report penetrates the market fog and provides an invaluable tool for those with stakes in this lucrative market.

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Hearables Market Report

The hearables market has witnessed huge growth in recent years, and this trajectory is set to continue. Uncover the growth patterns and trends of this converging market with our Hearables Market Report. 

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Consumer Research Programmes


Content Creator End User Research

With 80.4 million home video creators worldwide, the content creator market is of enormous global significance. Our comprehensive end-user research report provides the data needed to understand this flourishing industry.

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Living With Digital Consumer Survey

The Living With Digital report series is a regular offering from Futuresource. The research offers a global perspective on the behaviours and preferences of consumers of PVoD, cinema, EST, TVoD, SVoD, AvoD, and more.

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Audio Tech Lifestyles Consumer Survey 

This survey breaks down the latest trends across technology and music. Get inside the minds of your ideal consumers and gain insight into their listening habits on an international scale.  

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Custom Capabilities

We understand that each business is unique. That’s why everything we do is tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. We deliver next-level insights and recommendations for market quantification, customer segmentation, channel analysis, end-user analysis, and much more. Whatever your requirements, Futuresource will deliver bespoke custom research to elevate your business further.

About Us

At Futuresource Consulting, we prioritise excellence and expertise. For over thirty years we have delivered quality market research, which is why we’re experts at what we do. Our specialist intelligence reports help businesses identify key trends, analyse competitors, and gain an unrivalled insight into major industry developments. Trusted by global industry leaders, we pride ourselves in helping our clients set the pace in the global playing field. From consumer electronics to content and entertainment, Futuresource supports intelligent business decision-making.

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