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Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality

Futuresource is applying its existing expertise across gaming, video, content creation, education and enterprise display tech to provide comprehensive global insight, forecasts and market evaluation for this rapidly evolving industry. The annual service comprises of twice yearly market reports in addition to regular bulletins containing analyst insights and perspectives relating to recent product, market industry trade show and competitive news.

Market Report Content Review

Twice yearly review of hardware data and forecasts with key geographic breakouts. In addition to detailed overview of the competitive landscape and technology evaluation. Product covered:

  • Headsets (tethered [PC & Console], all in one, mobile)
  • 360 Cameras (professional & consumer)
  • Interfaces
  • Compatible hardware (smartphone, PC, console)
  • In addition, update on audio in VR experience - review of technologies/solutions being adopted and key proponents behind them.
  • Review of trends and development for consumer content production, distribution and uptake.
  • Business model evaluation (free, advertising, transactional, subscription) and associated market data/forecasts.
  • Segmentation of video segment by key genre (sports, music, live events etc.)
  • Segmentation of gaming segment by platform (mobile, PC, console)
  • Review of current/expected production and distribution initiatives across content owners/publishers, VR start-ups, traditional platforms (broadcast/pay-tv) and online service providers - expected entrants.
  • Rights issues in the VR world
  • Competitive landscape and sizing of social media platforms
  • Evalution of competitive ecosystems across main platforms
  • Market sizing included for the following categories: VR Games (Hardware &Software Platform), VR Video Content (inc. 360 video - By Business Model) and all data sets include forecasts through 2021 with segmentation by key geography
  • Review of business applications for VR content
  • Review of retail, e-commerce, training, telepresence, instructional and educational opportunities for VR content including interesting case studies of innovative applications.
  • Review of the leading players in both the content and service provision space
  • Evaluation of augmented/mixed reality within enterprise
  • Assessing the addressable market (TAM) for such applications
Forthcoming Bulletins:

Mobile AR & MR Market Update

  • Review of B2B use cases - monetisation, longevity, opportunities by vertical - with focus on retail

  • Consumers application and uptake. Business model evaluation

  • Content industry strategy, roadmap and competitve landscape

  • Technology audit - handset & glasses - pricing/specification/distribution/partnerships

  • Market evaluation

Post show reviews for MWC & IFA

HMD distribution review

  • Channel share by outlett type (e.g. CE specialist/mobile operator/pure e-tail)

  • Mobile operator strategy assessment by key region/operator

  • Retailer feedback: experience to date, feature SKU strategy/promotional activity/best in class vendors & examples, customer experiences - across major geographies

All reports supported by ongoing access to analysts for ad-hoc support and twice yearly debriefing sessions.


Futuresource extends its comphrehensive insights and tracking of the home video entertainment sector with a dedicated quarterly UHD 4K tracking service. Comprising end-to-end tracking, from the progression of technology and standards, to content availablity through to the level of consume adoption. 

A quarterly round-up pf technology and content news is combined with independent analyst commentary, market data (including five year forecasts) and accompanying competitive and technological insights across hardware and software. Key questions answered include:

  • UHD 4K Blu-ray Software

  • UHD 4K Online Transactions (volume/value)

  • UHD 4K Online Subscription (accessible base/revenue)

  • Broadcast UHD 4K Coverage and STB Install Base

  • UHD 4K TV Shipments, Installed Base and Household Saturation

  • UHD 4K Blu-ray Player Shipments, Install Base and Household Saturation

  • 5 Year forecasts included for all data points wit segmentation by key geography

  • All data supported by qualitative analyst insight

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Here at Futuresource Consulting we deliver specialist research and consulting services, providing market forecasts and intelligence reports. Since the 1980s we have supported a range of industry sectors, which has grown to include: CE, Broadcast, Entertainment Content, EdTech and many more.