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Futuresource Understanding Enterprise AV: Decision-Maker Perspectives

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Conducted by Futuresource, this research is based on in-depth web interviews with 300 decision-makers and influencers across France, Germany, and the UK. The interviews provide valuable insights from corporate AV/IT managers responsible for technology decisions in meeting rooms and across campuses.

With a diverse representation of industries, including Professional Services, Retail & Sales, Health/Social Care, Hospitality, Events & Leisure, Public Services and Admin, and Transport and Logistics, this report covers a wide range of sectors.

Additionally, the study includes companies of various sizes, ranging from 1-99 employees to 5000+ employees. By segmenting meeting rooms into small, medium, and large sizes, we present a holistic view of the technology requirements.

This report presents invaluable trends and recommendations to optimize your meeting room technology strategy.


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