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Futuresource Worldwide Action Camera & Camcorder Market Report

Worldwide demand for Action Cameras reached 10.2m units in 2015, representing annual growth of 30%. The value of the market grew at a lower rate, reaching $2.1 billion at trade (+5% increase), due to aggressive price discounting from most brands. GoPro continues to lead this market but faces increasing competition from a number of specialist and non-specialists brands.
Meanwhile, the worldwide Camcorder market reached 3.5m units in 2015 and represented a less severe decline versus previous years (-27% year-on-year) as the product mix shifted towards higher-end models. This report provides an assessment of the Worldwide Action Camera and Camcorder market. The report gives forecasts to 2020, profiles the key regions and reviews the latest developments in the competitive landscape, user profile, product segments and features.

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