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Futuresource Digital Camera Market Report - Worldwide Dec 18

Worldwide shipments for digital cameras in 2018 are forecast to reach 20m units, a decline of 21% year-on-year. Trade value is set to fall by 8% to $12bn due to stronger demand for premium devices.

Interchangeable Lens cameras (DSLR & Mirrorless) are on target to hit 10.9m units and represent 79% of the overall digital camera market value in 2018. Demand for the Mirrorless segment continues to rise across all regions, and shipments are forecast to witness volume and value growth in 2018, by 2% and 14%, respectively. Mirrorless cameras are on course to represent 50% of the total Interchangeable Lens camera value by 2019.

This report includes a detailed Excel spreadsheet which segments 30 countries/regions individually (for those clients that subscribe to Futuresource’s Worldwide service) in terms of volume and value shipments and by camera type (Fixed Lens, DSLR and Mirrorless). It includes product segmentation projections out to 2022 and reviews the competitive landscape.

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