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Futuresource The Subscription Streaming Opportunity in Gaming - Worldwide Nov 19

Consumers continue to gravitate towards OTT content consumption, evident in the dominance of subscription services in video and music. Despite a slow start, gaming is set to join the rest of the entertainment ecosystem with the announcement of multiple subscription gaming and subscription-streaming services, coming to market at the end of 2019. With gaming software and hardware sales reaching a retail value of $144bn in 2018, there is a substantial market to compete for, however the added complexity of subscription based gaming services are likely to challenge short term uptake of new distribution platforms.

Gaming as a Service (GaaS) has existed for many years and has been successfully implemented for individual titles in the Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) format such as World of Warcraft which boasts 2M active subscribers; however services which grant access to a content library have so far gained limited traction due to a lack of publisher support.

However, there are still major concerns over the technology that may temper uptake, such as questions over what will happen to purchased content if services such as Google Stadia are dissolved after only a few years. Highspeed broadband and 5G coverage may also limit global uptake, with those unable to access highspeed data connections not able to take advantage of the high spec offerings.

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