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Futuresource Headphones Market Report - Worldwide Oct 19

The worldwide headphones aftermarket grew by 10% in H1 2019 to 179m units, clocking up a retail value of $12.7bn (+45% y-on-y). 2019 is projected to be another year of growth, by 11% y-on-y in volume and 37% in value.
This report provides an updated outlook for the worldwide headphones market. It supplies actual market data up to H1 2019 and forecasts until 2023.
Additional quantification and information in this update includes breakouts for new price segments ($200-$499 and $500+), price segmentation forecasts and South Korea.
Research for this report was conducted in Q3 2019.
Shipments are reported at sell-in.
This PowerPoint summary is accompanied by a detailed spreadsheet which breaks out 6 regions and 19 countries with more granular data on feature breakouts, price segmentation, brand shares and distribution trends. The spreadsheet also contains data included in each slide of this PowerPoint report by page number.

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