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Futuresource Interactive Displays in The Education and Corporate Sectors Market Track - Worldwide Q4 19

2019 had a 4.1% annual increase with 2 million displays, quarter 4 had a 1.4% growth

The Year and Quarter

  • 2019 had a 4.1% annual volume and 7.8% value increase with 2.0 million interactive displays sold at a value of $5.9 billion.
  • This is the first year to break the two million display unit mark for interactive displays.
  • For the quarter 2019 Q4 had a 1.4% YoY volume growth at 505k displays.
  • The Americas had a positive year with 19% annual growth, the quarter had an 8.2% YoY growth. All the growth came from education where K-12 sales continue to be very strong. Sales to corporates were static.
  • EMEA had a 5.5% annual increase but ended the year strongly with 23.5% YoY increase in Q4. Multiple countries had a significant quarter.
  • APAC increased annually by 1.1%, but 2019 Q4 had a YoY decrease of 5.1%. China sales across the year were stable.
  • Coronavirus is expected to have an impact on Interactive Display’s productivity. Over 90% of displays are manufactured in China this is expected to lead to product delays and shortages.

The Future

  • The global market is forecast to remain robust with the market increasing by around 5% in volume and 4% by value per year until 2024
  • Forecasts for sales into education have been increased in all regions as the appetite for interactive displays in classrooms continues to grow strongly.
  • Forecasts for sales to corporations have decreased, the complexity of the sale is proving to be difficult to get consistent adoption. They are considered a luxury item not a necessity and users are holding off buying during financially tight times.
  • China volumes are forecast to remain stable for the next five years, but as China accounts for such a significant volume of world sales (67%, in 2019) then any reductions in sales can cause a significant impact to the global market.

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