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Futuresource Smart Home Security, Monitoring and Lighting

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The global pandemic due to the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have an unprecedented impact disrupting lives and industries and causing a great amount of continued uncertainty. Whilst certain consumer electronics categories have witnessed a downturn in shipments, others have achieved unparalleled success, due to forced changes to consumer behaviour during nationwide lockdowns. The smart security, monitoring and lighting categories have also seen a wide range of fortune throughout 2020. Smart security devices, which were expected to continue their ascent into the homes of millions of consumers worldwide, have seen growth temporarily stagnate this year, whilst monitoring devices have experienced a surge in sales.

Futuresource Consulting’s first Smart Security, Monitoring and Lighting specific report will provide an outlook on the smart video camera, doorbell, lock, detector and lighting categories across mature markets – including the United States, Western Europe and China – fast-developing markets, including Eastern Europe, as well as un-tapped markets in LATAM and APAC. The research will shine a light on the factors that are driving demand across the aforementioned product categories, with a particular focus on how and why the COVID-19 outbreak will change the industry’s growth trajectory in the coming years. The report will also look at how the industry is slowly moving towards a consensus on standards interoperability and what new technologies are being developed by established firms as well as start-ups as a way to enter into more homes.

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