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  • Consumer Electronics
  • Broadcast, content & services research
  • Education Technology
  • Print & Imaging research
  • professional display services
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  • Optical Disc Manufacturing Blu-ray DVD
For more than 25 years Futuresource has tracked the worldwide consumer electronics market, supporting clients with strategic insights and granular market segmentation.

Global data is regularly collected and analysed for all leading and emerging product categories across displays, home audio-visual, imaging, mobile communications and computing, and across 30 developed and emerging countries and regions worldwide.

Service deliverables include up-to-the-minute shipment data and market forecasts, regular strategic bulletins and open access to the research and consultancy teams. Unparalleled service levels deliver tailored data and strategic market insights, complemented by an extensive forecast database based on models developed over 25 years.
For over 25 years Futuresource has tracked the distribution of entertainment to the consumer. From VHS, through to Blu-ray and from broadcast to online services, we provide quantification and independent assessment on the trends and developments as the consumer’s appetite for video, music and games continues to evolve.

Clients receive regularly updated data and market forecasts supported by analyst commentary. Our strategic bulletins report on the wider issues facing the sector, while on-site debriefs and open access to analysts all form part of the service.

Our Digital Entertainment Strategic Market Outlook service covers content (packaged media (DVD/BD), TV and online video, box office, music and games) and distribution infrastructure (mobile, fixed broadband and broadcast).
Futuresource Consulting has researched, tracked and consulted within the education technology market on a day-to-day basis for more than ten years, analysing the market trends, technologies and products, vendors, applications and government investments on a global basis.

The education technology team provides detailed manufacturer shipment volume data and forecasts, as well as interviewing distributors, resellers, manufacturers and other key influencers to help understand the disparate forces that shape the market.
Futuresource has tracked the professional photo-imaging markets for many years and has recently extended its coverage, taking in consumer, business and production print, covering the full array of technologies from inkjet, laser, solid ink, dye sublimation, serial impact and production offset.

Comprising of data and market forecasts and open access to the consultancy teams for additional information, these services are tailored towards the needs of companies operating within print and imaging markets. Document solutions, workflow, managed print services and strategic document outsourcing are also covered. Allied to our continuous report series is a bespoke custom consulting service exploring channels, new product strategy and customer acquisition, as well as presenting at industry conferences on request.
For over 15 years Futuresource has tracked developments in the display sector. Our suite of quarterly tracking services covering projectors and large format flat panels provides detailed brand share information covering 67 countries across the world with the ability to drill down into key specifications.

Five year forecasts by country and key specification are also available along with weekly pricing services. All results can be viewed by volume, value and ASP. Recognising that many clients are best served by in depth analysis and consulting in addition to market sizing reports, Futuresource provides a range of services that addresses the entire display ecosystem including channels research, end user research and vertical market analysis.
Futuresource has tracked the broadcast equipment business for more than 15 years and provides tailored subscription-based market sizing and industry forecasting services, complemented by informed strategic insights and independent business assessments.

From acquisition through to final delivery, Futuresource covers the entire broadcast chain including professional camcorders and monitors, video servers, routers and multiviewers, as well as encoders, decoders and transcoders. Viewed alongside the CE services, this gives Futuresource clients a complete view of the industry from glass to glass - content capture to consumption - resulting in a unique strategic view of the market.
Since 1987, Futuresource has been the world-leading resource for tracking and reporting on the outlook for manufacturing of pre-recorded and recordable optical media, continually monitoring the competitive landscape and market conditions.

In conjunction with its Digital Entertainment Outlook service, Futuresource is uniquely positioned to provide strategic insight and support on content distribution and the home entertainment supply chain.

Regular updates of key market metrics are supported by analyst insight, strategic bulletins and access to the consulting team. The Optical Disc Manufacturing Service covers pre-recorded and recordable CD, DVD and Blu-ray and supports clients' strategies for transitioning from physical to digital, expansion into other vertical market segments and alternative technology usage.
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