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Enterprise & Professional AV

The Pro-AV landscape continues to experience technical shifts, as new systems, platforms and devices enter the market in a bid to improve the way we communicate and process information. The versatility of Pro AV solutions has also led to the utilisation of different technologies across multiple industries.

Despite the growing need for custom AV requirements across different businesses and industries, Pro AV technologies are still competing for the same end-user budgets. As a result, Futuresource dedicates their efforts towards building solution-led strategies for clients, building upon an in-depth understanding of critical success factors to allow for the development of accurate vertical market forecasts.

Ongoing support is offered through a range of tailored industry tracking and forecasting services, through to strategic insights and independent business assessments.

Geographic Coverage

The Enterprise and Professional AV team cover an extensive range of research at both regional and country level, with more than 60 countries tracked across AMERICAS, APAC & EMEA. This level of global analysis provides us with well-rounded, unbiased insights and accurate forecasts.


From our Vertical Market TAM profiling and global end-user research through to individual product, price, sales and channel tracking, we pride ourselves on providing a full explorative scope of the industry. Data is typically segmented by volume, value, ASP, country, product, brand and specification, whilst verticals covered include Corporate, Education, Transport, Retail, Leisure, Healthcare and Hospitality.

Custom Consulting

Our range of custom-research projects offer a flexible approach to match the level of insights best suited to your requirements. A recent project working for a leading global displays company involved conducting a senior management workshop. This involved collating feedback on competing business-to-business display technologies, including penetration and future outlook, technology strengths and weaknesses, as well as the impact of emerging office and education establishment infrastructures.


To understand the complete picture, methodologies include a combination of face-to-face interviews, telephone and web interviews, focus groups, end-user surveys and sales-in data feeds from vendors, publishers and trade associations. Our dedicated research programme ensures both quantitative and qualitative feedback on the current and future market potential across all aspects of the Professional AV sector.

End User Insights

Understand both the employer and employee perspective when it comes to the utilisation of Professional AV services in the corporate world. From our Corporate Meeting Room End User research through to Home Working and Video Conferencing programmes, we explore end-user behaviour and attitudes towards the latest technology developments emerging within the modern workplace.  

Latest Enterprise and Professional AV Reports

Latest Enterprise and Professional AV Insights

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