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End User Insights and Analysis

Futuresource has been supporting clients with end user research for over 20 years, offering a unique perspective on behaviours and attitudes of target customers. Projects have spanned across every major B2B vertical market, talking with digital signage network owners, teachers in schools, AV/IT decision makers in healthcare, and many more examples beyond. Much of this work has been undertaken on a bespoke basis for clients but demand has driven regular syndicated reporting in the corporate and education sectors.

  • Corporate End User
  • Higher Education End User


Corporate End User Insights

The corporate market has been the major growth vertical market for audio and visual technology. With significant developments in the market, end users are now able to choose from a wider range of technologies and feature sets going into meeting rooms.

The Corporate End User service consists of an in-depth study into the trends, usage drivers, product positioning and market outlook for display products and associated technologies, interviewing 500 IT and AV managers of large, medium and small corporations in the USA, France, Germany and the UK.

Product Segmentation:
  • Interactive Displays
  • Projection
  • Large Format Flat Panel
  • Wireless Presentation Solutions
  • Professional Speakers
  • Telephony
  • Professional Microphones
  • Dedicated Video Conferencing
  • PTZ Cameras
  • PTZ Video Conferencing
Key Questions Answered:
  • Section 1 – AV/IT Manager Interviews
    • The Total Addressable Market (TAM) and segmentation by room type/company size. This will include informal ‘huddle’ meeting spaces.
    • Existing technology market penetration (for display, control, collaboration and audio technologies), product lifecycle and drivers for this.
    • The competitive situation between display and collaboration technologies and key issues driving this in corporate applications including choice by room type.
    • Budget expectations, channels utilized for purchase and key influencers on the purchase process.
    • Current adoption and future expectations for investment in meeting room technologies.

  • Section 2 – Meeting Room User Survey
    • The number and type of meetings employees participate in.
    • The frequency of meetings involving remote participants and how remote participants are connecting.
    • The proportion of meetings that use technology versus those using only paper-based assets.
    • The type of content being show, how it is being shared and from which devices.
    • The number of attendees sharing content and the requirement for multiple content streams to be shared simultaneously.
    • How attendees are recording and sharing the outcomes of meetings.
    • The factors restricting technology usage in the meeting room.
    • Frequency and usage behaviours for informal ‘huddle’ meeting spaces.
  • Section 1
    • Section one interviews decision makers to understand how corporate end users are purchasing and using meeting room technology (display, connectivity, collaboration and audio) along with how this is likely to change moving forward. This section also provides an audit of the existing landscape (device penetration, replacement cycles, purchasing behaviour, flat panel vs projector preferences).

  • Section 2
    • Section two focuses on the end users of technology to provide a practical assessment of employee’s approach to meetings and the barriers/drivers for the usage of technology in meetings. It uses a web-based methodology with 500 respondents per country. Respondents will be filtered by medium to large companies and key business sectors most likely to be early adopters of advanced technology.
Geographical Coverage:
  • USA
  • France
  • Germany
  • UK


Higher Education End User Insights

Futuresource has been publishing reports covering the higher education market for over six years and now has an end user study that provides a combined view of how institutions are prioritising and planning IT/AV investment across a range of product categories.

This research study provides invaluable insights about existing technology ownership levels and future investment plans. It also provides detailed information regarding the Total Addressable Market (TAM), including the number of students/admin/staff, number of lecture rooms and admin rooms. Typical technology utilisation by room type is also profiled.

Product Segmentation:
  • PC Devices
  • Immersive Technologies (VR/AR)
  • Cloud Services
  • Smart Campus Solutions
  • Classroom Displays
  • Collaborative Devices (conferencing/content sharing)
  • Lecture Capture Equipment
  • Classroom Audio
Key Questions Answered:
  • Section 1 – Total Addressable Market
    • Number of students, teachers and administrators in Higher Education
    • Number of teaching spaces
    • Number of dedicated PC labs
    • PC & tablet installed base

  • Section 2 – Personal Computing, Lecture Theatres and Seminar Room Budgets
    • Classroom AV – Penetration of technologies into lecture theatres and classrooms
    • Computing solutions & productivity software
    • Esports
    • VR/AR
    • Cloud services
    • Student ID integrations

  • Section 3 – Purchase Channels and Influencers
    • Where do higher education institutions buy their education technology equipment?
    • Who are the decision influencers?
    • What are the main factors influencing purchasing decisions?
    • When purchasing education technology equipment, does the institution typically priorities OPEX or CAPEX?
    • Do you offer any promotions to students for device purchasing and BYOD?

  • Section 4 – Existing Technology Usage and Future Investment Priorities
    • Understanding both existing status and likely key priorities for investment/focus both short, medium and long term, across a range of areas.
    • Analysis of investment priorities will be provided by size of institution and key geography

Interviews are conducted via telephone with IT/AV managers currently employed by higher education institutions. Respondents have decision making responsibilities for technology procurement.

Geographical Coverage:
  • North America (USA and Canada) – 150 Interviews
  • Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and UK) – 150 Interviews


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End User Insights

Consumer research has been a key element of Futuresource's research and consulting services for many years, providing the end customer perspective to our consumer electronics, content and education technology services.

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