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The sheer diversity in the customer base for professional broadcast equipment means that suppliers need to manage an array of marketing models to stay ahead of the competition. From the differing usage requirements, growing influencer base and channel dynamics, it’s a balancing act between nurturing growth markets at the low-end, while maintaining brand position and capturing value at the high-end.

With many of today’s entry level users becoming tomorrow’s high-end spenders, vendors need to guide them through the decision-making process from entry level onwards, without eroding premium brand equity over the long term.

Futuresource supports clients with understanding the evolving market space by providing strategic data and insights across the Broadcast Landscape, including image capture and broadcast control.

Geographical Coverage

Futuresource can provide a complete ‘glass to glass’ review of the Professional Video and Broadcast sector by analysing all data and insights at regional level. While individual report coverage may differ, regional coverage includes AMERICAS, EMEA and APAC, which is further analysed at country-level to underpin the full scope of the evolving video and broadcast sector.


Our range of strategic multiclient reports, ongoing syndicated tracking services and custom projects provide data segmented at various levels. With key verticals and applications explored individually, data is also segmented by price, region, brand, product and feature sets.

Custom Consulting

Futuresource explores the sectors, themes, companies, and geographies most important to you, offering a flexible approach to match the level of insights required for your business. An example of our custom work includes a pre-launch prototype testing study, using focus groups of professional videographers. This multi-country project helped the client understand participants' needs and preferences as a background to them assessing products from our client's and competitors' product ranges. This project led to significant changes being made to the final product design.


Industry and end user interviews, along with dedicated research spanning the entire B2B industry, provides a succinct foundation for underpinning key trends and developments across the professional video and broadcast sector. Whilst supplementing our in-house knowledge and expertise, direct data feeds from manufacturers are implemented alongside expert interviews with vendors, component suppliers, rental channels, broadcasters, online content providers and more.

End User Insights

We support clients' decision-making with custom tailored projects delivering analysis and insight using a wide range of methodologies and skillsets. Whether adding depth to our extensive data and insights or addressing completely new markets, our aim is to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions within the required timescales.

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