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Audio Collaborative returns to London!

As technology continues to accelerate in line with the need for high-quality, immersive audio, how are businesses utilising creativity to meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry? Join us for Audio Collaborative 2022, where we will explore the evolution of audio and embrace the creativity, strategy and development of technology across the entire space.​ Audio Collaborative brings together delegates from some of the leading companies in the industry, providing sponsors with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products in the presence of an influential audience. 

Event Agenda

Registration open at 9am | Breakfast, Teas & Coffees

9.30 - 9.35 | Welcome & Opening Remarks

Carl Hibbert, Director of Entertainment & Consumer Tech - Futuresource Consulting


9.35 - 10.05 | Opening Keynote & Fireside Chat - The Future Shape of Sound

Carsten Olesen, President - HARMAN 

Carsten will explore how the future shape of sound will continue to touch our lives and elevate the consumer experience. From cars to bars, from beaches to stadiums, from theatres to the metaverse, sound is our future.


10.05 - 10.15 | Presentation - Addressing the Headwinds

Chris Bull, Lead Market Analyst - Futuresource Consulting

The continued shortage of key components and rising distribution costs is a challenge for the audio tech industry. What are the long-term implications – and how is the industry reacting? 


10.15 - 11.00 | Panel Session - The Power of Audio: The Impact of Advanced Audio Technologies on Well-being

Matt Murray, Product Marketing Manager - DSP Concepts 
Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO & Founder - Mimi Hearing Technologies
Al Ganeshkumar, Audio & DSP Systems Engineering Lead - Starkey Hearing
Sebastian Scharrer, Deputy Head of Business - Fraunhofer
Matt Marchese, Senior Director of Automotive Business - Tymphany

How will audio technologies continue to enhance well-being, quality of life, safety, awareness, and enjoyment in people’s everyday lives? This panel will explore recent innovations in audio tech and how these product experiences impact well-being, using examples across a range of industries, from healthcare to automotive to consumer electronics.


11.00 - 11.25 | Tea & Coffee Break


11.25 - 11.40 | Presentation - The Audio Industry in Numbers

Arian Bassari, Market Analyst - Futuresource Consulting


11.40 - 12.15 | Panel Session - The Next Big Thing: Home Audio

Guy Hammett, Senior Market Analyst - Futuresource Consulting
Sarah Yule, Marketing Director - KEF
Rob France, Head of Global Content Engineering - Dolby
Marcos Simón, CTO - Audioscenic
Julien Bergere, Global Portfolio Planning Director - Bang & Olufsen

With tremendous growth in recent years, what’s on the horizon to drive a new wave of home audio upgrades and replacements – and what are the triggers that encourages them to spend more? Sessions will seek to achieve perspective from premium, retail and home cinema angles.


12.15 - 13.15 | Lunch Break


13.15 - 13.25 | Presentation - A Data-Driven Search for the Ultimate Headphone Sound

Helmuts Bems, CEO & Co-Founder - Sonarworks


13.25 - 14.00 | Panel Session - Pushing the Boundaries of the Personal Audio Experience

Jonny McClintock, Commercial Director - Audio Codecs
Jon Kiachian, VP & General Manager, Hearing Health Technologies - Knowles
Helmuts Bems, CEO & Co-Founder - Sonarworks
Matt Windmill, Consumer Expert, EMEA - Analog Devices

With personal audio continuing to be one of the hottest CE categories, this panel is set to discuss and evaluate the key drivers and developments across hardware, software and content - across both traditional and emerging medium. In addition, the panel will explore the growing awareness and appetite from consumers and seeing where these roads meet.


14.00 - 14.30 | Panel Session - Opportunities for the Content Creation Industry Following the Return to a "New Normal"

James Kirby, Senior Analyst - Futuresource Consulting
Phil Cummings, Sales Manager Tour Audio & Artist Relations - Harman
Andy Allen, Marketing Director - Audient

The content creation industry, and the brands that serve it, saw phenomenal growth during 2020. Yet, the market was always destined to slowdown and in 2021 and 2022 has shifted to a “new normal”. While the industry faces challenges, there remain opportunities. With an esteemed group of panellists from across the industry, Futuresource will investigate key technologies, services and end-user trends expected to drive the market to long term growth.

14.30 - 14.55 | Tea & Coffee Break


14.55 - 15.10 | Presentation - Sustainability…What’s in it for the Audio Industry?

Althea Ricketts, Associate Vice President Corporate Initiatives - Shure


15.10 - 15.45 | Panel Session - Sounding Out on Sustainability

Chris Carey, Head of Music, Media & Entertainment - Opinium
Althea Ricketts, Associate Vice President Corporate Initiatives - Shure
Dom Robinson, Co-Founder - Greening of Streaming
Andy Dowell, Head of Licensing - MQA

Our planet needs us. What initiatives are underway across the audio space, and what more can be done? With the video industry embracing sustainable practices, illustrating the way forward, the music industry is now following.


15.45 - 16.15 | Panel Session - Making More of Audio in Gaming

Simon Byron, Director of Publishing - Yogscast Games
Michael Kelly, Senior Director of Consumer Electronics Engineering - DTS

The rise in consumer time and money being spent on gaming presents a lucrative vertical for the audio and music industry alike. From optimising player experience through improved audio, to enhancing gameplay with better soundtracks and immersive dialogue. Hear from vendors, publishers and innovators on the steps being taken to maximise opportunities.


16.15 - 16.35 | Presentation - Voice Update | Look Who’s Talking

Simon Forrest, Principal Technology Analyst - Futuresource Consulting

Virtual assistant development continues to proceed at rapid pace. Hear from Principal Technology Analyst Simon Forrest as he explores the next steps for the category in relation to AI/ML, edge versus device processing and brand-specific services.

16.35 - 16.50 | Closing Keynote - How can Technology be used to Harness the Music Industry?

Max Tiel, Founder & Director - Thunderboom Records
Joost de Boo, Founder - Thunderboom Records

What will be the impact on music if computers become better singers than Beyoncé, better performers than Prince, or better producers than Rick Rubin? In this keynote, we will take you on a journey through state-of-the-art music technology and discuss the impact on the lives of artists and their audiences. We will talk about virtual artists, AI generated music and much more. We will discuss the social implications of these technologies with the audience and show our social responsible alternatives.


16.50 - 17.00 | Final Remarks

Carl Hibbert, Director of Entertainment & Consumer Tech – Futuresource Consulting



5-7pm | Networking Drinks & Canapés

Our Sponsors & Media Partners 2022

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