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Audio Collaborative is back for 2024!

Join us in London this November for the return of Audio Collaborative, in what will be our flagship event's 11th year. As technology continues to unfold in a myriad unexpected ways, our expert analysts will be exploring what this means for the future of audio - and how the industry can embrace these emerging opportunities.


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The Venue

Discover highlights from our past events

2022 represented a triumphant return to Futuresource's in-person events. Hear what some of the speakers and panellists from Audio Collaborative 2022 had to say about the event. 





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Get a taster of what’s in store by downloading exclusive panel footage from Audio Collaborative 2023. 

Audio Collaborative 2023 | Audio Beyond the Music Panel

At Audio Collaborative 2023, Guy Hammett (Futuresource) sat down with Maurice Moroney (Qualcomm), Marcos Simon (Audioscenic), Andy Dowell (Lenbrook), and Andy Kerr (Masimo) to explore the opportunity for audio beyond the ever-popular music industry.


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Audio Collaborative 2023 | Overcoming the Innovation Roadblock

At Audio Collaborative 2023, Jonny McClintock (Audio Codecs), Elfed Howells (Elevear), Tim Degraye (HED Unity), and Mehul Kochar (Knowles) interrogated the current technology landscape to get to the bottom of the so-called innovation roadblock. Are we truly in the midst of one, and if so, how can we overcome it?

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Discover some of the biggest insights from Audio Collaborative 2023.

What's driving the vinyl revival?

The resurgence of vinyl has been an unexpected success story. Audio Collaborative 2023 saw an entire panel dedicated to the revival, with experts discussing how heritage is playing a key role in the format’s popularity. While new album releases by contemporary artists like Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey have pushed vinyl sales, decades-old albums like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon are still shifting enough copies to make the vinyl charts. The format has staying power, with Futuresource’s latest report showing vinyl has maintained double-digit volume sales growth for over half a decade. But considering the ease and accessibility of streaming, what’s driving the revival?


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Buckle up for the era of immersive, in-car entertainment experiences: Audio Collab 2023

Automotive is the new frontier of entertainment. Or at least, that seemed to be one of the key take-home messages of Audio Collaborative 2023. As cars become smarter and safer, so much more becomes possible – from both an audio perspective and regarding infotainment. Sarah Yule (KEF) exemplified this during her presentation at Audio Collaborative, through the partnership between two iconic British brands, KEF audio and Lotus cars.


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