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Education Technology

As education is becoming increasingly mobile, institutions are figuring out ways to personalise the student experience and improve engagement by integrating the right technology. This has become more pertinent with the shift towards hybrid learning, where online management systems, mobile devices and data capture continue to improve the experience for both teachers and students alike.

Futuresource has been tracking, researching and consulting on the global EdTech market for over 15 years and has an unrivalled knowledge of the sector. Our services have developed to encompass the entire EdTech ecosystem, with a dedicated team of analysts offering dedicated support to clients through professional debriefs of their market research, including key technology trends and forecast insights.

Geographical Coverage

The level of geographical coverage conducted across our Educational suite of services enables our team of analysts to provide forward-thinking, strategic advice at both regional and country-level. While our Ed Tech Voice research focuses on comparisons between East, West and Central USA, additional reports include data from AMERICAS, LATAM, APAC and EMEA.


Our range of strategic reports, end user surveys and client debriefings are provided at various levels, with our quarterly tracking service segmented by core product categories. Further segmentation includes individual country adoption levels, decision making and budgeting structures by country and key providers by hardware, software and content.

Custom Consulting

Whether adding depth to existing data or addressing completely new markets, we support clients' decision-making through custom tailored projects. An example of this involved an investment organisation wishing to build upon our current market tracking activities, to gain insight that would support them with a significant long-term investment decision. Futuresource were tasked with carrying out an assessment of the global classroom technology market; this involved an in-depth analysis of the market status, including key strengths and weaknesses of the key players and their strategies.


Research includes networking with a well-established global contact base across the education sector, with methodologies including expert interviews with hardware vendors, channels, software houses, publishers, government organisations, schools and teachers. End user online panels are also undertaken, and data collation brings together background information, statistics from Governments and internationally recognised bodies, as well as company financial reports.

End User Insights

Explore the impact and return on investment of emerging technologies within the education space, with multi-client consumer research providing insights into existing technology ownership levels in both K-12 and Higher education, as well as future investment plans. Our end user research programs involve IT decision maker interviews as well as Curriculum leads.  

Latest Education Technology Reports

Latest Education Technology Insights

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