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Futuresource Higher Education PC Market Sizing

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Current Market Trends

During H1 2022, the higher education market saw institutions preparing for a return to in-person learning. As well as welcoming domestic students on campuses, this included a reopening of teaching to overseas students, and triggered a number of pre-COVID buying patterns.

Due to pandemic-driven teaching upheavals, some federal and municipal budgets remain unspent. As a result, universities are making the most of the remaining funds and purchasing the highest spec devices available. This provides maximum stability for their futures, as they won’t need to upgrade for some years to come.

However, despite the rebound of enrolment numbers, many students still chose to take a gap year, study online courses or take an apprenticeship position and stay closer to home.

For admin and academic staff, Futuresource research shows that universities are still aiming to preserve the benefits of hybrid and remote working, offering a much more flexible work schedule than was possible before the pandemic.

Looking to the numbers, Futuresource forecasts show that the total combined mobile and desktop shipments across the 20 countries covered will expand by 2.5% during 2022. Desktops will undergo a revival in several countries, and notebooks are expected to retain market leadership within the mobile device segment.


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