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Current Market Trends

Computing devices, whether desktop PCs, laptops, Chromebooks or tablets, form the foundations of a school’s technology deployment in the USA. As a result, it’s no surprise to see that every school district has adopted devices of some description.

At 32%, spend on computing devices accounted for the largest share of IT budgets in 2020, although this was lower than 2019, which posted budget figures of 36%.

Desktop PCs retain the largest installed base, accounting for 35% of all devices across district schools, yet there is a trend for schools to migrate from desktop PCs to more flexible portable devices. This is more pronounced in smaller school districts, while medium and large school districts have some way to go to catch up with their smaller peers.

Chromebooks are still lagging behind laptops, and have yet to reach the same levels of penetration. There’s plenty of growth left in the market for Chromebooks, both in terms of the number of devices per school and the number of schools using these devices.

With extra funding coming through from stimulus acts, school districts expect to see an average increase of more than 15% in computing device spend over the next two years.


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