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Current Market Trends

Over 2021 to 2023, with Federal funding available in the USA, there was a surge in demand for visual displays in teaching spaces, in part to provide a remote/hybrid teaching environment, if necessary. This also gave some schools the opportunity to churn IWB (Interactive Whiteboards) for IFPD (LCD Interactive Flat Panel Displays), or, in some cases, to replace IWBs, or the Interactive Projectors coupled with IWBs. There are also some schools that, mainly for budgetary reasons, are using [nontouch] Flat Panel Professional Displays (FPD) or non-interactive Projectors.

With some schools having first, or second generation IFPDs that are in need of replacement, and with over 1 million IWBs still in use in K-12 in the USA, there are significant replenishment/replacement opportunities moving forwards. However, this Federal funding has now all been spent and school districts in the USA are returning to their pre-COVID model of funding via local taxes, sometimes supplemented by fundraising and parental contributions. Consequently, it is possible that we will see some schools keep incumbent IFPDs or IWBs for longer than ideally planned for, maybe opting to replace Interactive Projectors in use with an IWB, rather than trading up from an IWB to an IFPD.


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