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The entertainment industry plays a principal role in this world of constant communication, with the ability to consume and create content becoming easier and more accessible for many different audiences. As brands battle to find new ways to create richer content and provide better platforms to improve engagement, the future of the industry remains robust, resilient and fiercely competitive.

Spanning the entire entertainment eco-system, from home video, music and gaming through to content creation, sports, and mixed reality, Futuresource offers a platform for clients to gain invaluable market data to drive forward their business. Crucially, we explore the content as well as its context in relation to distribution and access, providing clients with a 360-degree perspective of the ever-evolving market.

Geographical Coverage

With research scoping AMERICAS, APAC & EMEA, Futuresource identifies emerging trends and developments on a global scale, with in-depth country-level analysis included. While specific coverage for individual reports may vary, areas of focus can also be adapted based on our clients’ needs and specific areas of interest.


Our ‘Strategic Market Outlook’ service, granular tracking analysis and consumer research programmes underpin various levels of research segmented into digestible areas. For our Content and Entertainment suite, data is segmented by country, brand, sector, feature, product, price and technology.

Custom Consulting

Futuresource supports clients' decision-making through custom tailored projects. For example, a previous study involved the organisation of focus groups across multiple European countries to assess the younger generation’s use of mobile devices for gaming and entertainment. Participants tested prototype head-mounted display devices, based on which clear and detailed feedback was provided to the client's product development team.


The breadth of methodologies utilised provides a solid basis for Futuresource’s analysis and forecasting of the global Content and Entertainment market. This includes actual sell-in and sell-out sales data from leading vendors, distributors and retailers, 5000 expert interviews conducted annually with industry stakeholders, telephone research, as well as the integration of consumer survey data from our Living with Digital programme.

End User Insights

Take a deep dive into the key factors influencing your customers’ purchasing journey across the Content and Entertainment market. While our consumer research services deliver insights on a stand-alone basis, with research including ‘Living with Digital’ and ‘Kids Tech,’ combine this with our strategic market reports for a deeper insight into the factors influencing the behaviour of your target audience.  

Latest Content & Entertainment Insights

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