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Futuresource Subscription Cloud Gaming Market

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Recent Market Trends

The subscription and cloud gaming market continues to move to new strengths. Futuresource anticipates the software market value to continue its growth curve for the upcoming forecast period. The sector is, and will continue to be, of key importance to the gaming ecosystem as its popularity surges.

Two contrasting business models have emerged, with the more traditional route of monthly subscriptions for content or cloud services being provided by companies such as GamePass, EA Play, Nvidia GeForce Now and Blackout. Alternatively, a GPU rental model, hires out cloud computing on a per-hour basis through services such as PaperSpace or Maximum Settings. This is primarily the aimed at highly technical early adopters, and while less complicated services do exist, consumer awareness is still at a relatively low level.

This report provides a deeper dive into the subscription and cloud gaming segment and focuses on understanding how players operate in this space.

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