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Consumer Electronics

The fast-paced evolution of the consumer electronics industry and the growing requirement for connected devices continues to create richer opportunities for brands. However, satisfying consumer demand in a hyper-competitive landscape is a complex task, one that requires an operating model that is responsive, agile and forward-thinking.

At Futuresource, we pride ourselves on covering the entire spectrum of the consumer electronics landscape, from establishing key market trends on a global scale through to sourcing granular-level detail by product, price, country and channel.

Having grown with the world’s largest CE brands over the last 30 years, Futuresource provides fact-based insights that empower businesses to grow their long-term offering with confidence, ease, and certainty.

Geographical Coverage

Market research undertaken spans from regional to country-level analysis, enabling us to fully explore the geographic differences between consumer demand, as well as to identify leading and emerging markets. While individual report coverage may differ, the regional scope of the Consumer Electronics suite covers META, EMEA, APAC, AMERICAS and LATAM.


From our ‘Strategic Market Outlook’ service through to granular market tracking and consumer surveys, Futuresource continuously collects and analyses different levels of data to create the most comprehensive market research, with segmentation provided at country, brand, sector, feature, price and product level.

Custom Consulting

Whether adding depth to existing data or addressing completely new markets, we support clients' decision-making through bespoke, custom tailored projects. For a major content platform provider, Futuresource explored the scale of opportunity and characteristics of the Japanese market using large-scale consumer research, which determined the attitudes, behaviour and preferences of the Japanese consumer with respect to content types and use of audio.


A range of methodologies form the backbone of our research and forecasting across the Consumer Electronics market. This includes actual sell-in and sell-out sales data from leading vendors, distributors and retailers, alongside 5000 expert interviews conducted annually with industry stakeholders. The integration of consumer survey data from our Living with Digital programme enables us to provide a well-rounded picture of the changing landscape.

End User Insights

Gain a deeper insight into the changing wants, needs, behaviour and profile of your target audience through our range of end user research across the Consumer Electronics market. From our Audio Tech Lifestyles programme through to our Intelligent Home Survey, identify key growth opportunities by combining consumer research with strategic reports for a holistic understanding of the market.  


Latest Consumer Electronics Insights

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