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Futuresource Consumer Headphones Market

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Current Global Headphone Market Trends

The global headphones market continues to attract consumer attention, achieving volume growth of 14% in 2021 and ending the year on 548 million units shipped. Retail value grew by nearly 10%, to achieve revenues of $48 billion.

And although supply chain issues continued to surface throughout 2021, not all brands suffered the same impact. White label and smaller manufacturers felt more of the squeeze, as prominent brands tended to be given priority. However, parts shortages and freight delays resulted in slimmer profit margins for everyone.

A particular highlight was the continued expansion of true wireless (TWS), which dominated headphone market growth in 2021. According to this report, the form factor captured more than half of the total market by volume, accounting for 55% of global headphone shipments.

Futuresource expects 2022 to be yet another year of growth for aftermarket headphones, both in terms of volume and value, as consumers look to continue to upgrade their audio and communication experiences. ​


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