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With next generation driving technology firmly at the wheel and with car demand rising on a global scale, tech giants now have the opportunity to dive deeper into vehicle ecosystems, enabling passengers to bring their digital lives inside the car.

With a whole range of new services coming into play, from personal virtual assistants and AI integration through to facial recognition technology, the automotive market could prove to be a significant driver of revenues for many key players.

As technology, media and entertainment companies continue to invest more in the automotive industry, Futuresource Consulting explores the audio and infotainment trends impacting the market space, exploring key developments and the long-term market outlook for the future of the connected car.

Geographical Coverage

In order to highlight the key opportunities created through in-car connectivity as well as the potential challenges facing the industry, Futuresource investigates key regulations impacting automation at both country and regional level. Regions explored include Asia Pac, Middle East & Africa, Europe, South America and North America.


Across our Automotive research covering infotainment and audio, data is typically segmented by feature sets and key developments, use cases, key providers, brand share, as well as hardware and global shipments by volume and value. Market developments and car sales are also forecasted over a five-year period to provide further insight into potential opportunities emerging.

Custom Consulting

Our range of custom-research projects and consulting services explore the sectors, themes, companies, and geographies most important to you. From building additional data around existing research or addressing completely new markets, our experienced researchers offer a flexible approach to match the level of insights best suited to your requirements. Our aim is to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions at ease, within the required timescales.


Futuresource undertakes a program of primary research, interviewing a wide range of providers from audio hardware, audio software, aftermarket audio resellers, car resellers, semi-conductor providers and car OEM’s. Car sales data is collected from a combination of industry associations and vendor information, whilst desk research is utilised where appropriate to support all findings.

End User Insights

We support clients' decision-making with custom tailored projects delivering analysis and insight using a wide range of methodologies and skillsets. Whether adding depth to our extensive data and insights or addressing completely new markets, our aim is to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions within the required timescales. We typically help clients' decisions relating to the topics below, delivering clear answers and recommendations.

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