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Past Webinars

The 5 Big Trends at CES 2017

CES 2017 served up a blizzard of product announcements and innovations spanning VR & 360º, voice, connected car, smart tech, display technology, drones, high-res & smart audio – and much, much more. This webinar, the Futuresource team distilled the key trends and announcements into five key takeaways, including major trends by product category.

CES tends to serve up a few surprises each year, but here are some the areas of focus for the Futuresource team when they were at CES 2017:

  • Emerging product, feature and design trends in video, audio, smart home, imaging, wearable tech and automotive
  • Adoption of voice platforms and assistants
  • VR, AR, 360º and 3D capture
  • Emerging technologies such as bendable and flexible electronics
  • AI integration
  • Connected car opportunities for CE vendors


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A Review of Technology Adoption in Education in 2014

As opportunities within education technology continue to skyrocket, Futuresource analysts presented a review of the key EdTech movements in 2014 and the expectations for 2015. The webinar included the following topics:

  • Highlights of EdTech adoption globally in 2014.

  • Analysis of market growth, key countries adopting EdTech solutions and expectations for 2015

  • How the market for front of class technologies is developing and how leading providers are adapting to changing EdTech usage models

  • Classroom collaboration, is the market getting overcrowded with solutions?


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Wearable Technology at CES
  • The killer apps on show from smartwatches, head-mounted displays and other emerging categories

  • Will health and fitness tracking remain the primary application in the short run?

  • What are the emerging new wearables categories?

  • Are smart garments becoming a competitive reality?

  • The latest headphones trends including health tracking, sports and wireless

  • What competitive trends are on display - prestige brands from the worlds of jewellery and fashion?

  • Beyond GoPro - the roadmap for wearable cameras and imaging beyond sports and evidential.


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Home Audio, Vision and Smart Home Control at CES
  • Latest TV trends including 8K display availability and content offerings, OLED, curved and bendable

  • Complexities in the multi-room audio category. Is incompatibility and fragmentation creating barriers to adoption? How important is the role of services such as Spotify and Deezer?

  • Smart TV strategies and digital media adaptors, the adoption of Android TV, content deals, features and prices

  • Developments in high-resolution audio

  • The latest in smarthome control devices and applications for AV, home security and energy management


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Developments in Wearable Tech: A New Route to Fashion, Jewellery & Health

On the 16th October 2014, Futuresource analysts explored the landscape for wearable technology, including:

  • The diverse range of companies developing wearable technology solutions

  • The future impact on smartwatches, fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and wearable cameras

  • Companies reshaping the wearables industry from microchips to CE vendors, to clothing companies and more

  • Consumer purchase intent and usage behaviour

  • Market trends for all major existing consumer categories


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James Edwards

Marketing Executive