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The B2C Future Sessions | Watch Now

Avenues of connection and escapism are the cornerstones of personal technology. While this met the needs of the consumer during the uncertainty of the pandemic, how will technology evolve going forward? What activity can we expect within the next one, two, and ten years?

New use cases are emerging, spelling out an exciting future for B2C technology. In this latest round of Future Sessions, our analysts sit down and deliver their industry-specific outlook across the consumer technology space. Keep your finger on the pulse of this fast-moving industry – watch now.


What will be the big technology trends characterising the wider industry landscape, and how will these apply to enterprises and everyday folk? Simon Forrest discusses the key innovations underpinning the future of technology in this Future Sessions video. 


2023 is bringing a significant level of excitement within video entertainment. Consumers’ attitudes and behaviours are changing, but what shape will this take in the next two, five, and ten years?  


Principal Analyst Rasika discusses what’s in store for personal electronics, including a greater focus on health-centric technology, improved audio quality, and the impact of Bluetooth low energy. 


Guy Hammett | Senior Market Analyst

What it's in the pipeline for Home Audio? The last few years have brought mass technological shifts, but how will the technologies and use cases continue to evolve? 

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What were the most exciting launches at CES 2023? What new technologies were vendors showcasing? What trends are set to be the future of consumer tech? Futuresource’s CES 2023 post-show report covers everything you need to know about the world’s biggest tech event, straight from the eyes of our team of analysts. 

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