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Collaboration Market Insights, Analysis and Forecast

Futuresource has been working in the collaboration space for over 15 years, starting with interactive display technology and developing into a comprehensive coverage of in-room and remote collaboration, Futuresource’s Collaboration Suite includes product categories such as wireless presentation solutions, video conferencing and team collaboration displays.

Changes in working and learning practices, well documented via Futuresource’s end user services, have been a catalyst for the adoption on new technologies. Coupled with this, the rise in mobile computing/devices has had a huge impact on the technologies end users are demanding both at their desks and in meeting spaces. Futuresource has closely followed these trends and now enjoys a unique position providing services that help clients understand the complex landscape for collaboration technology.

  • Product Track – Worldwide Quarterly Tracking
  • End User Insights
  • Americas – North America, Latin America
  • Asia-Pacific – China, Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • EMEA – Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Wireless Presentation Solutions
  • Team Collaboration Displays


Audio Conferencing

Conference mics, installed speakers, UC bars, room solutions, video conferencing equipment, VoIP phones, and dedicated speakerphones, these are just some of the devices that have experienced significant growth in the meeting room over recent years. Demand for such devices is being driven by wider macro trends, including the increasing number of employees working from home, growth in international teams and increasingly international clients and partners for all sizes of businesses. These industry trends and improvements in the supporting technologies are creating huge demand for products and services.

This service aims to delve deeper into the corporate communication landscape, to help brands from both the AV and IT industries navigate this complex and challenging market.

This report will size and segment the dedicated audio-conferencing hardware market and provide a comprehensive outlook for the future.

Product Segmentation:
  • Connection Type: Wireless/Bluetooth, USB, IP, POTS
  • Product Type: Ceiling array vs hanging mics, bundled room kit vs standalone AV endpoint
Data Segmentation:
  • Volume, Value and ASP
  • Five-year Forecasts by Value and Volume
  • Market Growth
  • Brand Share
Geographical Coverage
  • EMEA
  • Americas
  • APAC


Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an exciting and diverse market, extending from low-cost and widespread cloud-based solutions all the way to highly specialised telepresence suites. With businesses increasingly adopting work from home practices, as well as a desire to connect employees and engage with third parties/customers across distances, the demand for video collaboration technologies is at an all-time high. In addition to this, the past couple of years has experienced a democratisation of video communications, bringing the technology to a much wider audience and, with this, bringing a greater range of vendors to the market.

In this report, Futuresource provides a two-phased, market sizing and end user analysis of this increasingly complex and rapidly developing market.

The first section provides granular market sizing and forecasting of the video conferencing market across 7 product categories, namely; Pure Cloud Solutions, Software Agnostic Peripherals (SWAPs), Room Hubs, Single Codec Solutions, Integrated Software Solutions, Telepresence Suites and Team Collaboration Displays.

The second phase explores usage, user behaviour and attitudes toward video collaboration in the workplace. This unique methodology enables Futuresource to provide an unrivalled analysis of the market performance and user engagement of collaboration technologies in the corporate meeting room.

Utilising Futuresource’s extensive research capabilities surveying and sizing meeting room equipment, this report will focus specifically on video conferencing technologies, providing a unique insight into their performance and impact on the corporate meeting room.

Product Segmentation:
  • Single Codec
  • Telepresence Suites
  • Pure Cloud Solutions
  • Integrated Software Solutions
  • Team Collaboration Displays
  • Room Hubs
  • Software Agnostic Peripherals
Data Segmentation:
  • Yearly, Regional Volume & Value, Brand Shares, Five-Year Forecasts
Geographical Coverage:
  • EMEA
  • Americas
  • APAC

Please note, the End User element of this research (1100 interviews with employees) covers Western Europe (UK, France and Germany) and the USA only


Wireless Presentation Solutions

The market for wireless presentation passed a major milestone in 2018, with shipments of WPS (whether hardware-based, room hubs, collaboration displays or software) growing exponentially and high growth recorded across all product categories analysed within this report. The continued success and high growth rates enjoyed in these markets in 2018 highlights a possible watershed moment for content sharing, with demand in corporate and education applications truly taking off and vendors across the market enjoying rapid increases in YoY volumes.

Futuresource is a market leader in the Wireless Presentation Market and has leveraged its expertise in this industry to create a detailed and comprehensive analysis of this market. In addition to surveying more WPS Hardware brands than ever (with Futuresource more than doubling the number of brands included in this analysis), this report explores three developing product categories (Software WPS, WPS Room Hubs and WPS Collaboration Displays) to understand their disruptive impact on the WPS Hardware market moving forwards.

Product Segmentation:
  • Hardware Wireless Presentation Solutions (WPS)
  • WPS Collaboration Displays
  • Software WPS
  • WPS Room Hubs
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Corporate & Government
  • Education
Data Segmentation:
  • Entry Level (Sub $999)
  • Mid-Range ($1000 - $1999)
  • High End ($2000+)
Geographical Coverage:
  • Americas – North America and South America
  • Asia – China and Rest of Asia Pacific
  • EMEA – Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East & Africa


Team Collaboration Displays

Team Collaboration Displays (TCDs) are a relatively new product sector but Futuresource expects growth to be dramatic. Though education focused companies such as SMART Technologies had early products targeting corporate applications, the market has been galvanised by the entrance of enterprise players, initially Microsoft with Surface Hub, followed by Google and Cisco. In addition, a range of AV players are integrating team collaboration features into display products, providing further competition.

This ongoing bi-annual service is part of an ongoing tracking which provides key insight and analysis into these Team Collaboration Displays.

Product Segmentation:
  • IFPD Conferencing End Point
  • Network Connected IFPD
  • Unified Communications Display
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Corporate & Government
  • Education
Geographical Coverage:
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • EMEA
  • Global breaking out of key regions: USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands & Denmark

Price Track

The Daily Price Tracking and Value Added reporting service is a worldwide service, based on actual pricing data sourced from online sales-based websites.

End User Insights

Consumer research has been a key element of Futuresource's research and consulting services for many years, providing the end customer perspective to our consumer electronics, content and education technology services.

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