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Audio Collaborative 2020 - Who Will Win the Share of Ear?

Focusing on the positives during what has certainly been a challenging time to date, Audio Collaborative will offer a range of thought-provoking panels and presentations discussing the future of audio, outlining the many opportunities in this space.

Taking place 14:00 – 18:00 GMT on the 4th and 5th November, the two-day exclusive event will promise to share industry insights and provide the opportunity to engage with global brands, all of which has been made possible with the support of Futuresource’s many sponsors, including Title Sponsor Qualcomm, as well as Audinate, Sonarworks, Xperi, DSP Concepts, Flexound, Cambridge Audio and USound.

One of the panels sessions we look forward to hearing from is titled ‘Who Will Win the Share of Ear - Key Market Drivers and Applications Fuelling Demand,’ presented by Futuresource Consulting’s Market Analyst Luke Pearce. Panellists include Tim Johnston PE - Vice President of Engineering at Starkey Hearing, Bernice Cramer - Director of Product Management and Global Marketing, Professional Audio at Bose, Chris Havell - Senior Director of Product Marketing, Voice & Music at Qualcomm Technologies and Stuart George - Managing Director at Cambridge Audio.

A breakdown of the core questions explored in this panel session are outlined below:

  • Use-Cases & Applications - what are the most noteworthy lasting trends for ear-worn devices that you have seen to come out of COVID-related behaviour?
  • One Product vs Many - with all these overlapping use-cases, such as Sports, Gaming, Hearing Augmentation, Office-Use. What do you think the future will look like for the number of devices a consumer might have?
  • Will it be just one ‘super’ product covering many applications, or will we have a number of different devices to choose from that we will swap in and out?
  • Audio Quality - the core use-case for headphones is still primarily music and audio. Is audio-quality important or is it a case of ‘good-enough’?
  • Features and Innovations - although these devices are getting smaller and cheaper, technological advancements are happening at an increasing rate. ANC enables consumers to control the amount of environmental noise. How do you think we can get to a place where consumers can cancel out the noises they don’t want to hear, but also let in the sounds that they do want to hear?
  • What do you expect to be the biggest single disruptor in this space over the next 5 years?

Need to revisit the topics covered, or happened to miss any of the sessions on either day? As part of your ticket, all presentations and panels will become available as on demand content shortly after the event.

If you're interested in attending, please visit the events page to register your ticket.

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Kayley Bright

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Kayley Bright

Kayley Bright is the Associate Director of Marketing for Futuresource Consulting, leading Futuresource’s inhouse marketing team. Kayley begun her career in marketing ten years ago following the completion of her English Literature degree at Loughborough University. Since then, her keen interest in content creation, combined with a love for art, led her to pursue a career in marketing to support with creative brand building and business growth. In her spare time Kayley is a pencil portrait artist, who is currently working on transferring her skillset to the world of digital art!

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