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HARMAN to Explore the Future Shape of Sound at Audio Collaborative 2022

The power of sound is being embraced as never before in human history. In an increasingly virtual world, sound is key in supporting real human connections. A single note can convey an entire spectrum of human emotion, but whatever the form – be it voice, song, or ambient sound – high-quality audio can transform lives every day. Product developers are increasingly aware of this and are investing in the enhancement and innovation of audio. From podcasts to voice assistants, from immersive gaming to sonic medical treatments, sound has almost limitless potential to elevate society.  

That’s why Audio Collaborative 2022 could not come at a better time. The event, sponsored by industry leaders HARMAN, will explore the depth and scope of audio. 

Carsten Olesen is the President of Consumer Audio at HARMAN and will be a key part of this undertaking. Hosting a keynote topic on the future shape of sound, Carsten will be asking how: 

  • the future of sound will look  
  • sound will continue to touch our lives 
  • it will inspire and unite us 
Audio Offers New Avenues of Artistry 

As much as anything else, games are an art form. Gaming soundtracks today match the quality of feature-length films, and investments in this area will only continue. Consumers want audio that brings these virtual worlds to life – and developers are willing to invest. Considering the size and scope of the gaming industry, the future of audio in gaming is boundless. 

Virtual surround sound has enhanced the competitive gaming space, giving players an advantage as they can distinguish the direction of an enemy’s footsteps. Spatial sound represents the next frontier. Combined with the use of VR (virtual reality), spatial sound will enable a dimensionality that is not possible to convey in two-dimensional gaming.  

The World of Audio is Rapidly Evolving 

Audio is moving at a lightning pace. It is fast becoming one of the most exciting facets of communication, let alone consumer technology.  

With life moving faster, we must consider how the audio industry will maintain and exceed this pace. How can we maximize audio experiences to inspire and innovate? What can the industry do to meet the needs of consumers for precision audio? From cars to bars, from beaches to stadiums, from theatres to the metaverse, sound is our future. Join HARMAN’s President of Consumer Audio, Carsten Olesen, to explore and embrace the future shape of sound.  

HARMAN: Innovators in Audio  

HARMAN has been a pioneer in shaping the future of sound with its technologies and innovations throughout its long and distinguished history. HARMAN continues this path today, more than ever, with a commitment to producing sustainable products and an inclusive corporate culture; with award-winning design and with premium audio technologies that have the power to push the bounds of quality, entertainment, and personalization in the new frontier of digital spaces. 

To secure tickets to watch this pivotal keynote take place live in London, follow this link. We look forward to welcoming you at the Ham Yard Hotel on the 10th of November!

Official Event Sponsors

HARMAN - Platinum Sponsor
As trailblazers in audio tech, HARMAN's suite of products provide unmatched listening experiences for both work and leisure. Explore their work-from-home offerings and more.
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DSP Concepts

DSP Concepts is the Silicon Valley based leader in the Audio of Things (AoT) market and the creator of Audio Weaver, the audio experience design platform that makes audio innovation easy.
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Sonarworks is an award-winning audio technology innovator delivering an individually perfected sound experience to every music creator and lover.
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Audio Collaborative 2022 returns to London!

10th November | Ham Yard Hotel, London

Join us for Audio Collaborative 2022, where we will explore the evolution of audio and embrace the creativity, strategy and development of technology across the entire space.​ Audio Collaborative brings together delegates from some of the leading companies in the industry, providing sponsors with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products in the presence of an influential audience. 

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