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NAB Show 2024: Futuresource Consulting’s technology round up

With over 61,000 registered attendees, more than half of whom were first-time visitors, 750 panel sessions, and close to 1,300 exhibitors, there was much to celebrate at NAB Show 2024. And despite challenging economic conditions, attendance was still strong overall, down just 6% on last year. 

Futuresource Consulting fielded a multi-disciplinary team of analysts to explore the show floor and participate in discussions. For the first time this year, this included representation from the Consumer & End User Insights team, allowing Futuresource to integrate learnings from the show into its wider strategic offering.  

“The growing emphasis on partnerships and interoperability was clearly evident at NAB 2024,” says Chris Evans, Head of Pro Video & Broadcast, Futuresource Consulting. “As video content creation continues to reach non-traditional verticals, collaborations, alliances and the quest for interoperability have become vital for brands to continue to succeed in the world of IP and cloud.  

“The cost of building IP networks also continues to diminish, making certifications of interoperability an increasingly vital consideration for vendors. In addition, we’re seeing tier-one broadcasters hunt out the best-in-breed equipment to bring their productions to life. All this influence was reflected in the various partnerships apparent across the exhibition spaces, and were key to new product demos on the show floor. These multi-vendor collaborations allowed products to be showcased as they would be used in real-world deployments.” 

AI pervades the video content supply chain  

AI was present throughout the event, as a talking point in meetings, a staple of panel discussions, and a must-have mention in marketing communications. It was even embraced by the show organisers and used to power a chatbot, which helped attendees navigate the show.  

However, with a brighter spotlight on AI in the wake of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and the text-to-video Sora AI model, the perceived threat of generative AI to creatives’ livelihoods has been amplified. As a result, vendors faced more pressure around how they present their vision of an AI-enhanced future.  

PTZ raises its game

Broadcasters leaned heavily on pro PTZ cameras during the pandemic, and now many crews include these devices in their camera fleets, even for tier-one live productions. Despite this, previous pro PTZ models had technical and optical limitations, which restricted usage in some high-end live productions. However, new product releases and updates at the show continued to build the credentials of pro PTZs.  

Across the show floor, pro PTZ cameras were not exclusively focused on live broadcast. Advancements in auto-tracking technology were also a key theme, focusing on auto-framing to deliver a higher quality of tracking to serve verticals seeking higher levels of automation like education and corporate.  

Robotics and automation for next-gen broadcast

To help content owners create engaging programs that retain audiences, vendors are striving to help increase the production values of live broadcasts. The integration of robotics and workflow automation is already well underway for many leading players in the market, and this year’s show underlined that fact. 

New video acquisition releases alleviate pain points

Over the last few years, many vendors’ R&D teams have been focused on solving component shortages, which reduced the level of technological progression in the industry. At NAB 2024, there was a returning sense of new innovation in the video acquisition market. The most impactful new product releases in this market are those that solve common everyday problems for videographers and camera operators.  

A comprehensive Futuresource show report

“NAB Show 2024 underlined the importance of trusted suppliers and reliable tools for the broadcast, media and entertainment industry,” says Evans. “It was a place to connect with industry leaders, share insights and explore new opportunities. And when end users depend upon consistent performance from  world-class products, NAB continues to be the place to meet with vendors and thought leaders to shape the future of broadcast technology.” 

For a comprehensive exploration of NAB Show 2024, Futuresource Consulting’s detailed roundup report is available as a free download here.

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Chris Evans

About the author

Chris Evans

Chris specialises in providing market insight and analysis across the professional video technology industry and video content supply chain. Chris draws on a background in video production to apply an end-to-end understanding of workflow, end-user needs, and product specific knowledge across a range of research methodologies and services.

His areas of expertise include: cloud technologies in live broadcast; virtual and remote production; user generated content and live streaming; the sustainable future of the video entertainment industry; large format and >4K video acquisition; vertical specific use cases for pro video products and services.

Chris joined Futuresource in 2017 as a member of the broadcast equipment team. As video technologies have proliferated into an everyday tool for a diversity of professional applications, Chris has taken leadership of Futuresource’s Professional Video services. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Film and English from the University of Southampton.

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