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Pro headphones roadmap indicates market value of nearly $1 billion by 2027

The professional headphones market is poised for a period of sustained global growth, as home studio and consumer segments exhibit key long-term opportunities for vendors. That’s according to a new industry report from Futuresource Consulting.  

The specialist research firm has developed a definitive view of the professional headphones landscape, combining its industry expertise with vendor sales data, supply side interviews and end user research. Covering four key product segments and six industry verticals, the report points to a market value of almost $1 billion by 2027. 

Home studio and consumer make all the right moves 

“We’re seeing a surge of activity in the home studio and consumer markets,” says Paul Wylie, Research Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “Together, these two segments accounted for 63% of total market value in 2022”. 

“During the pandemic, professional headphones sales into home studios underwent rapid and extreme growth. This did slow down in 2022, but is now picking up the pace again, eclipsing pre-pandemic levels as existing users upgrade and new users continue to be attracted to the market”. 

“We saw a similar pattern emerge in the consumer market during lockdown periods, although its previous position at the top of the leaderboard was snatched by home studio sales. The consumer market for pro headphones is incredibly robust, as it is driven by a wide range of demographic groups. This includes high-end audiophiles seeking a premium quality listening experience, as well as musicians, who are utilising a separate pair of professional headphones purely for general listening applications.” 

Live and rental, and DJing play strong supporting roles 

Beyond home studio and consumer markets, the live and rental, and DJ markets are also contributing to market strength. Live and rental experienced major difficulties during the pandemic, being the first to be impacted and the last to return to strength.  

However, demand for events continues to intensify, despite inflationary concerns. In particular, this has led to a revival for professional in-ear monitors, reaching a full recovery in 2023 and seeing longer term growth driven by continued awareness and adoption of these solutions. 

The DJ market, in a similar situation to live and rental, faced difficulties due to the closure of live events venues. Yet lower-end bedroom DJs emerged onto the market, helping to drive stability. From there, as events returned, the market has seen positive year-on-year growth that will continue throughout the forecast period. 

A healthy future for professional headphones 

“While the pandemic hit professional headphones vendors hard, it also created long-term opportunities,” says Wylie. “Not only has the market bounced back above pre-pandemic levels, it will continue to trend upwards at a rate that we would not have otherwise seen.” 

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Paul Wylie

About the author

Paul Wylie

Paul Wylie joined Futuresource as a Research Analyst in 2022, where he is responsible for covering research and projects within the Professional Audio space, spanning a range of hardware and software. (His main areas of expertise are the Content Creation and Professional Headphone markets, and he boasts a broad range of knowledge across the wider market.) Before joining Futuresource, he graduated with a BA in Finance, Accounting and Management from the University of Nottingham. (His passion for the audio space is only demonstrated by a deep appreciation for music across a variety of genres and great respect for the expression it brings, whereby he enjoys hobbies in Drumming and DJing.)

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