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Smart home devices riding high, with three-in-four people confirming ownership: New Futuresource Smart Home Consumer Survey

Smart home device ownership is on the up across Europe and the USA, as many consumers are increasingly attracted to their helpful and innovative functions. That’s according to a new Smart Home Consumer Survey from Futuresource Consulting, which quizzed consumers across the USA, UK, France and Germany in August 2023. 

The survey draws on Futuresource Consulting’s seventh wave of consumer research into smart home device ownership, perceptions and future trends. Since the 2021 study, respondents reported an increase for almost all smart home categories. Smart security systems saw ownership grow most significantly, with those claiming ownership increasing by 17 percentage points since 2021, now totalling 25% of all respondents.  

Smart home purchases and intent rising across all countries 

“We’re seeing a new chapter in the smart home success story, with a marked increase in device ownership in all countries surveyed,” says Sophie Harding, Research Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “The UK leads the way, with more than three-in-every-four respondents owning at least one smart home product. The USA and France aren’t far behind, while consumers in Germany reported the lowest level of ownership, at 61%. 

“Our research also points to a high intention to buy. More than half the respondents told us they were going to purchase a smart home device in the next 12 months, with smart lighting creating the highest level of intention.” 

Working from home influences smart device purchase

Those respondents who worked from home also reported a higher rate of smart home device ownership than those who worked elsewhere. Futuresource expects this to be the result of spending more time there, investing in home-office spaces, and smart home devices offering control and monitoring convenience.  

Purchase barriers still apparent

“Overall, we found that device owners and potential buyers express positive feelings about the smart home. However, there are some challenges and negative consumer perceptions. Across all countries, one-in-three non-owners told us they don’t see the need for smart products, with the sentiment particularly strong in Germany. Installation costs and issues with connecting devices to one another were also cited as barriers to ownership.” 

Futuresource Consulting’s new Smart Home Consumer Survey covers the USA, UK, France and Germany and focuses on smart appliances, control, security and safety devices. For more information or to make a purchase, please contact 

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Sophie Harding

About the author

Sophie Harding

Before joining Futuresource, Sophie graduated from Bath Spa University where she achieved a first-class degree in Business and Management (Accounting). Sophie found research projects the most interesting part of her studies – she particularly enjoyed a project pertaining to the effects of developments in AI and its impact on transforming business practices.

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