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The Next Big Thing at Audio Collaborative 2022

At Audio Collaborative 2022, we’ll be discussing a host of topics sweeping the contemporary audio tech landscape. Having already Addressed the Headwinds of the audio tech industry here, we’re now introducing another focal point – The Next Big Thing. 

With tremendous growth across the audio tech market in recent years, The Next Big Thing poses some serious questions:  

  • What’s on the horizon to drive a new wave of consumer audio upgrades and replacements? 
  • And, importantly, what are the triggers encouraging them to spend more?  

Tackling these questions from angles of premium, retail, and home cinema, this topic is set to be a comprehensive one.  

What are the Biggest Audio Tech Trends in Recent Years? 

The last few years have brought a unique set of circumstances, with the pandemic throwing societies and industries upside down overnight. These external conditions had a series of knock-on effects for the industry. Not only did major disruptions to supply chains force companies to recalibrate their catalogues, it also caused unforeseen shifts in consumer spending that show no sign of abating. 

One of the most notable trends has been the consumer drive towards premium products. While this means good things for sustainability and high-end developers, it also alerts to a dry spell in spending. If consumer’s products are lasting longer, what will encourage them to rebuy? And how can companies drive replacements and upgrades? 

Although there are challenges ahead for audio tech players, there’s also some considerable gains. With more consumer’s now acquainted with high-quality audio, there’s a strong chance many will develop a taste for high-end products. A new wave of spending may come in the form of collection expansions and upgrades – which is a welcome result for industry names. 

Improved quality content from music hosting services is driving this further skyward. Apple Music and Amazon have all adopted lossless and spatial audio, two features that create an immersive and sonically complete listening experience. An emphasis on sound precision is coming from all angles, indicating this trend is here to stay. 

Other Noteworthy Developments Include: 
  • Improved internet connections through 5G is promoting enhanced listening experiences.  
  • Soundbars continue to go from strength to strength with Yamaha launching an a competitively priced model with improved features on Sonos’ equivalent product. 
  • Audio manufacturers are expanding the use cases of their products to suit evolving lifestyles and habits. 
What’s on the Cards for Audio Collaborative 2022? 

There are lots of exciting discussions taking place at Audio Collaborative 2022. As well as investigating key market drivers and consumer spending triggers, we’ll also be sinking our teeth into a whole host of other relevant topics. Take a peek at what’s on the cards…  

  • Making More of Audio in Gaming – better soundtracks and immersive dialogue are set to maximise opportunities for audio gaming. How can we capitalise off this? 
  • Voice Update | Look Who’s Talking – virtual assistant development continues, but what comes next? 
  • Sounding Out on Sustainability – what initiatives are underway across the audio space? What more can be done? 
  • Opportunities for the Content Creation Industry – a reputable selection of panellists will investigate key technologies and trends expected to fuel the market long-term. 
  • Automotive – hear the latest on in-car connectivity. 
Guarantee your place at Audio Collaborative today! 

We’d love for you to join us at the Ham Yard Hotel in London on the 10th November 2022. The day is set to be rife with industry insights and networking opportunities, as key market players and audio tech leaders gather under one roof. With a limited number of places available, prompt booking is essential to ensure you don’t miss out.  

Click here to book your place, and we look forward to seeing you in person to discover all things audio! 

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Audio Collaborative 2022 returns to London!

10th November | Ham Yard Hotel, London

Join us for Audio Collaborative 2022, where we will explore the evolution of audio and embrace the creativity, strategy and development of technology across the entire space.​ Audio Collaborative brings together delegates from some of the leading companies in the industry, providing sponsors with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products in the presence of an influential audience. 

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