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Futuresource Ed Tech Voice - Administrative Software

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Current Market Trends

Administration tools vendors, those that provide school information systems, enterprise resource planning and communication tools, are expected to enjoy a positive year in 2022. Almost all curriculum leads surveyed in this report said that they have purchase plans for student-facing software applications.

School information systems (SIS) tops the list, despite approximately eight in ten respondents stating they are already using such system across their school district. Opportunities exist for all vendors, as a high proportion of districts typically have more than one vendor in place, suggesting that decision-makers are open to alternative solutions.

The study shows that enterprise resource planning (ERP) will be an area of growth, too, with the majority of those not using an ERP solution planning to implement one within the next two years. Futuresource expects there will be opportunities for a wide range of providers, as the market is likely to follow similar patterns to the localized adoption of SIS.

Despite brands such as Oracle and PowerSchool already building a substantial footprint, most vendors are being considered by a reasonable proportion of respondents.


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