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Futuresource UC&C Platform & Tools Market Report

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Current Market Trends

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend for hybrid working was on the rise. In the post-COVID world, physical locations have diminished in significance, and a robust unified communications and collaboration market strategy is now the backbone of any successful enterprise. 

In 2020, the UC&C industry experienced 31% global growth in users and a 22% increase in revenues. Millions of users have been introduced to these platforms for the first time, which has quickly transformed into acceptance and endorsement. For many, remote collaboration is now a way of life. 

However, with such aggressive growth, the market has become heavily fragmented, with Futuresource identifying a wide range of smaller, fast-growing, more innovative companies. Yet despite the array of offerings, when it comes to revenue there are only a few significant players. 

Together, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google account for more than half of all global revenues. When combined with Cisco, LogMeIn and RingCentral, 80% of the market is covered. 

In terms of user volumes, the Americas takes second position behind China, though end-users in North America are more comfortable with text-based communication than their video-using European counterparts.  

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