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Blog Posts by Futuresource Analysts

Smart Home: Where to Next in a Voice Assisted World

Smart home had another year of fabulous growth as Futuresource estimates that shipments grew by 39% in 2018. This consumer electronics category is now worth more than $12bn globally and shipped over 100m devices in 2018. The industry is tackling some important challenges like interoperability, but lags in addressing issues that concern consumers an ...

Voice The Next Generation Consumer Interface

In the three short years since Amazon launched Echo speakers, sales have exceeded 42m units, creating a new ‘smart speaker’ category that by September 2018 had clocked up over $6bn in retail sales. Additionally, Echo is now playing a major role in the rising deployment of voice assistants (VAs) in a wider range of devices. Futuresource Consulting’s ...

Review of the Three Gaming Platforms and How Monetisation Models are Changing and Converging

According to the latest research from Futuresource, global software spend across all gaming platforms (mobile, PC and console) is expected to reach $132 Billion in 2018. Whilst there is some overlap between the three platforms, they offer very different gaming experiences. Mobile is the fastest growing and largest sector of the global video games ...

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