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Music Market Insights, Analysis and Forecasts

Futuresource has tracked the global music market for over 25 years; working closely with major and independent labels as they have witnessed the revolutionary transition away from packaged media to digital services. Innovation in online platforms has sparked a music renaissance enhanced by a new generation of audio hardware in the home and on the move.

Services Available

Strategic Market Outlook - Music

Annual report providing insight relating to the major developments in the global music market, incorporating a comprehensive review of volumes, revenues and regional variations, including 5-year forecasts.

  • Extensive data and insights across digital and physical media (including Hi-Res Audio), split by key geographical regions.

  • Snapshot of the global competitive landscape, including profiles of the major streaming services, including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music

  • Comprehensive database including historical and forecast data. Delivered through our interactive online portal

  • Ongoing access to analyst team for ad-hoc enquiries and on-site debriefs

Format Coverage:
  • CD (Album/Single): Annual Sales & Revenue

  • Digital Downloads: Annual Demand & Revenue

  • Subscription Streaming Services: Subscribers & Revenue

  • Audio Hardware: Ownership

Geographical Coverage
  • North America

  • Western Europe (inc. key country breakdown)

  • Japan

Service Delivery
  • Comprehensive annual management report

  • Access to online data portal

  • Enterprise-wide license

  • Ongoing access to analysts for ad-hoc enquiries and support

  • Annual on-site debrief

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For more information about how Futuresource Consulting's suite of Entertainment Content services can benefit your business, contact:

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Associate Director - Consumer Media & Tech

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About Us

Here at Futuresource Consulting we deliver specialist research and consulting services, providing market forecasts and intelligence reports. Since the 1980s we have supported a range of industry sectors, which has grown to include: CE, Broadcast, Entertainment Content, EdTech and many more.