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Building a Bigger Media Play from the Rising Success of Video Gaming

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The world of gaming continues its ascendance, becoming increasingly symbiotic with video and music segments. This is opening up a new range of opportunities for many companies operating within the entertainment ecosystem, some of which are already enjoying additional competitive advantage.

This week, on Wednesday 17 June at 4pm BST, Futuresource Consulting, in collaboration with Georg Szalai from The Hollywood Reporter, will host a webinar to explore the rise of gaming and uncover the opportunities available to the wider entertainment market.

According to Futuresource research, gaming was worth almost US$160 billion last year across hardware, software, accessories and esports. With social distancing and lockdown measures imposed as a response to COVID-19, gaming’s relevance has been magnified and its compatibility with other forms of entertainment has been accelerated.

The market is now primed and ready for collaboration, and consumers are receptive to cross-platform, multi-screen engagement. But where are the key opportunities? How can the market be leveraged? What are consumers engaging with and how can they be targeted? Join Carl Hibbert, Head of Consumer Media & Technology, Futuresource Consulting and Georg Szalai, International Business Editor, The Hollywood Reporter and learn about:

  • Gaming’s share of the entertainment wallet
  • Annual growth rate forecasts for games, music and video
  • The positive effects of lockdown on the gaming sector
  • Personalising the gaming experience
  • The impact of more screens and where attention is being concentrated
  • The uptake of esports and the associated profit and promotional opportunities
  • The new subscription mentality and how this can be leveraged
  • Influencer marketing and the new rising stars

Based on new Futuresource research and including highlights of a recent consumer study carried out in the UK, USA, Germany and China, this webinar is a must-attend event for decision makers and business strategists operating in the entertainment sector.

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