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Content Creation Retains Strength for Audio as Value Continues to Climb

New research from Futuresource Consulting shows that the value of home content creation applications soared by over 70% in 2020. As pandemic restrictions eased, many wondered whether record levels of demand could sustain. However, the home content creation markets continued to go from strength to strength in 2021, reaching new record highs and setting the scene for continued long-term growth. 

Our latest infographic maps out key insights and stats on the content creator market, with intel gathered from our latest Content Creator Survey and Market Report. 

The Industry Nurtured by a Global Pandemic 

The content creation economy experienced phenomenal growth during the pandemic. While many industries nosedived under stay-at-home measures, creators were gifted the rare opportunity to hone and develop their craft. Audio manufacturers and software providers were key beneficiaries of this trend, with both hardware and software sales rising to record levels.  

Although the next two years will present challenges for the industry, with consumers returning to leisure activities and trade-up fatigue setting in, there remain many key market drivers which will provide continued positivity longer-term. Increased time and budget for creators were key to growth during the pandemic, however there remain many factors such as learning, investment, quality of content and additional income opportunities, which will continue to drive opportunity in home content creation longer-term. 

Who & What to Watch 

How will the industry evolve going forward? With the last few years bringing a unique set of circumstances, the content creation industry has attracted a range of new brands, product innovations and strategies. Over the coming years there will be a range of new opportunities, but also substantial challenges. Our infographic has spotlighted several key trends to look out for: 

  • Growth in high-end products as brands offer new trade-up solutions for their creators and new users look to take the next step in their content creation journey 
  • A range of new and existing brands continuing to diversify their product applications, targeting specific users-types and developing new innovative product features 
  • Gaming brands take share in a range of product categories, expanding their imprint on the content creator opportunity 
  • Supply issues will continue to be a challenge, whilst concerns grow surrounding weak economic performance in key nations 

These are just a few of the key trends identified by Futuresource in the latest Content Creator Infographic. For more key takeaways and insights from the latest Content Creator report, download your complimentary infographic here.  

Futuresource is committed to making vital information on market trends accessible to a wider audience. With 80+ million home video creators and 40+ million audio creators worldwide, trusted information and statistics on the market have never been in higher demand.  

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James Kirby

About the author

James Kirby

James manages the Professional Audio team at Futuresource, reporting and consulting across product categories including Professional Loudspeakers, Microphones, Amplifiers, Mixers, Content Creation, DSP, Audio Collaboration and more. With a background spanning broader AV, James applies his passion for audio and in-depth knowledge of AV market dynamics to all the areas he covers. With the audio and visual worlds colliding, James is also increasingly involved with Futuresource’s Collaboration services, and frequently provides consultation and reports relating to AV Conferencing.

Harnessing his personal experiences as an end-user in these markets, James is driven by his enthusiasm and passion to bring high-quality research to the pro audio industry. This passion is reflected in his regular conversations with manufacturers and professionals across the supply chain. James holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business with Economics, with specialisms in Applied Strategy.

Olivia Lowden

About the author

Olivia Lowden

Olivia Lowden is responsible for the long-form content, press, and partnerships at Futuresource. Prior to her career at Futuresource, she completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, demonstrative of her lifelong love of words.

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