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Content Creator at Audio Collaborative 2022

The content creation industry boomed in 2020. It was only natural: consumers were at home, businesses had shut their doors, and companies needed fresh ways to engage audiences. The industry skyrocketed, but with voracious growth comes an inevitable fallow period. 2021 and 2022 saw a shift to a “new normal”, and excitement plateaued. Yet opportunities remain.

At Audio Collaborative 2022, we’re gathering an esteemed group of panellists and industry experts under one roof. Together, we’ll sink our teeth into the technologies, services, and end-user trends igniting this buzzing industry. 

Identifying key windows of opportunity within content creation is a seminal topic at the Ham Yard this November. Having already Addressed the Headwinds, scouted out The Next Big Thing in audio tech, and started Sounding Out on Sustainability in the audio sphere, it’s time to introduce our next theme: Content Creator at Audio Collaborative 2022.

Is Content Creation a Long-term Growth Opportunity?

Although the industry plateaued in the wake of Covid-19, content creation will remain a profitable enterprise. Content creation and the internet go hand in hand, and there’s no doubt that the internet is destined to move with us as the century progresses. With content creation driving investments in audio, video, textual, and graphical markets, innovations within these fields will likewise create a bounce-back effect for content creators.

What new technologies are likely to push the market forwards? 

With vast growth in hardware and software for content creation, demand for these technologies will remain at high levels. AI will become increasingly relevant, having already made a stake in the marketing world. With new capabilities in powering content and creating seamless user experiences, creators will turn to these technologies more and more. New systems that ensure tone and voice consistency across copy will be utilised by brands. Plus, the rise in natural language processing will simplify and accelerate transcribing – a vital tool for content creators.

What other Key Areas will we be Discussing at Audio Collaborative 2022?
  • How can brands and manufacturers address this lucrative market more effectively and help creators on their journey?
  • How important has the entry-level content creator been in driving growth? How can we further bridge the creation skill gap?
  • Musicians have been a key market for content creation products, but new applications have witnessed phenomenal growth. Gaming, podcasting, vlogging, social media, and video are all viable outposts for content creation. But

which end-users offer the most opportunity moving forwards? What are the considerations when targeting these users? 

Secure your Place at Audio Collaborative 2022

You’ll find some unmissable industry discussions taking place on the 10th of November at the Ham Yard Hotel, London. With fantastic networking opportunities, a drinks reception, and an exciting selection of keynote speakers already announced, the day is set to be a fruitful one.

Tickets have limited availability, so make sure to book your space through this link today. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Olivia Lowden

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Olivia Lowden

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Audio Collaborative 2022 returns to London!

10th November | Ham Yard Hotel, London

Join us for Audio Collaborative 2022, where we will explore the evolution of audio and embrace the creativity, strategy and development of technology across the entire space.​ Audio Collaborative brings together delegates from some of the leading companies in the industry, providing sponsors with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products in the presence of an influential audience. 

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