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Enterprise AV End-User Research Explores the Market from Three Angles

Futuresource director of B2B, Chris McIntyre- Brown breaks down the key findings of Futuresource’s Enterprise AV End-user Research Report in our latest video. Identifying three key takeaways, Chris discusses the relationship between working practices, collaboration technology and generational differences to the AV market.  

Working Practices 

The main objective outlined in the working practices takeaway was looking at how the pandemic affected working practices.  

It was revealed that pre-pandemic, 75% of the workforce was fully office based. However, since then, this number has dropped to 26%. This figure has been projected to increase to 30% over the forecast period. Although there was a spike in home working, there was an even distribution amongst those who were fully office based, fully flexible or somewhere in between.  

Chris concluded that, “This represents distinctly the general confusion in the market and offers great opportunity for the supply chain to fulfil and support some of those hybrid working practices.” 

Collaboration Technology 

The second key takeaway Chris explored was collaboration technology, and how meeting room technology is favoured amongst employees. Seeing a clear correlation between company and meeting room size, it was important to understand how AV technology worked within this space. Basic AV, such as display and telephony, were present in the largest companies and meeting rooms at around 60%, meaning, according to Chris, that "there is plenty of room for growth in the basic technology component of this market.”  

Generational Differences 

The third and final takeaway from the AV enterprise end- user research was taken from the employee survey. Understanding the difference in meeting room behaviours and technology usage can be defined by those utilising them and what generation they may fall under such as, millennial, or gen z. Looking at video conferencing and the usage of room-based meetings vs bring your own meeting revealed some interesting insights:  

  • 70% of millennials and gen z preferred to use their own device to begin and end a meeting, plugging that into a peripheral technology to enhance and amplify that meeting room experience 
  • Only 50% of over 65s agreed to the same standard as above.  

Chris McIntyre Brown takes this into consideration, identifying:  

“Interesting behaviour in terms of the technology that those end user groups will be expecting when they come into the meeting room, and of course that then presents more confusion when we’re thinking about how we equip those meeting rooms with technology.” 

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Chris Mcintyre-Brown

About the author

Chris Mcintyre-Brown

Coming from a background in marketing consultancy, Chris joined Futuresource in 2004 and has worked across all areas of the Futuresource business in his time at the company.

Chris is recognised as a leading global authority in the B2B Technology sector, regularly presenting at major international conferences, video broadcasts and published in trade press. He now leads a large team of analysts spanning 4 core pillars of Pro AV, Video and Broadcast, Collaboration and Information Technology.

Chris works extensively with the world’s largest tech giants, trusted to delivering strategic insights and consulting services. He holds a BA in Business Management and an MA in Marketing Management.

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