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Current Global Meeting Room Technology Trends

Corporate AV budgets are increasing, and IT decision makers are focusing their priorities on dedicated enterprise meeting rooms and home working alike. As collaborative commerce continues to play a key role in businesses, hybrid working looks like it’s here to stay in one form or another.

With close to ten million meeting spaces in Western Europe and almost nine million in the USA, the enterprise market has been an increasingly attractive vertical for technology providers. Now, companies are looking to increase the number of meeting rooms on the sites they manage and identify the best enterprise AV solutions.

Beyond basic AV, the installed base of technology is relatively low, which presents an untapped opportunity for technology providers. This new Futuresource study shows that corporates will increase spend on collaborative tools - vital for supporting hybrid workforces yet under-utilised at the moment. In the longer term, the industry will increasingly focus on delivering tools for more immersive hybrid meeting environments.

Across the entire workforce, personal device usage is rising, with one-in-three respondents stating they were using personal devices in meeting rooms. This presents IT departments with several issues, mainly concerning integration with meeting room AV, support and extreme data security risks.

As any proposed AV solutions need to work with a wider set of enterprise tools, this poses challenges for connectivity solution providers. However, it also presents opportunities for AV managed services and hosted solutions and will be a key feature of the future landscape.


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