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The enterprise sector was already an area of keen focus for the technology industry before the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers were thinking more globally in their search for talent and with that came the growing acceptance that flexible working practices would be required. The unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) industry was growing quickly, seeking to give employees the tools and services they needed to work from anywhere at anytime. However, 75% of the workforce were still fully office based so technology deployments in meeting rooms of all sizes were increasing. Coupled with this, the shape of the workforce was evolving with digital natives accounting for 54% of the workforce in 2020, rising to 75% in 2030. This group has very different expectations for not just how they work and the spaces they use, but also how technology can support them in their daily working lives. 

Given the huge changes of the past two years, Futuresource redesigned the 2022 survey to more clearly compare and contrast the views of decision makers and employees. For both surveys, exploring the differences between pre pandemic behaviours, the current situation and how the future might look underpins this 2022 report. 

The research for both surveys was undertaken between December 2021 and January 2022. 

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