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K-12 Administrative Software Tools Continue to Capture Budget

The digitalisation of K-12 schools across the USA continues apace, with demand for administrative software showing unwavering strength in the wake of the pandemic.

A new EdTech research study from Futuresource Consulting reveals that school information systems, enterprise resource planning, device management and communication tools are all still top of mind. Almost every curriculum lead taking part in the study confirmed that they have purchase plans for multiple student-facing software applications over the next 12 months. A notable proportion stated they would also be buying as many as three or more applications.

“With schools now back to full-time in-person learning, it is vital that the digital systems established during the pandemic continue to play a central role,” says Melanie Tagg, Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “These administrative tools save time, and improve decision making and performance, as well as identifying risks to student and staff welfare.”

School Information Systems Lead the Way

The study shows that school information systems (SIS) are the most likely tool to be purchased over the next year, though investment is also expected in mobile device management solutions (MDM) and asset management systems.

Despite high SIS software usage levels, with around four in five respondents currently using at least one system, there’s still a healthy market opportunity for vendors. Those districts that have yet to implement an SIS intend to introduce the technology within one to two years.

Satisfaction High, but still Opportunities to Improve

“We found overall satisfaction levels with SIS systems to be relatively high among curriculum leaders,” says Tagg, “yet some of the systems with less market penetration emerged as the highest rated in terms of satisfaction. Conversely, some of the well-established vendors attracted the lowest satisfaction ratings. This represents a definite opportunity for all providers to improve their service offering.

Device and Asset Management Systems Show Potential

Device management systems are also well-represented within the vast majority of districts across all regions. Nonetheless, market growth opportunities remain, with almost a fifth of the respondents who don’t currently use an MDM solution expecting to implement one.

A Bright Future for Administrative Software

“There’s no doubt that IT decision-makers continue to face many demands on their school budgets,” says Tagg, “particularly where administrative and classroom tools are concerned. Yet the outlook for the industry remains positive, with many lucrative opportunities continuing to present themselves to vendors.”

The Futuresource study is based on interviews with IT decision-makers within 403 school districts across all 50 US states. Results are captured in Futuresource Consulting’s EdTech Voice: Administration Tools report, one in a regular series of four education technology reports issued by the specialist research firm. For more information on these reports or to make a purchase, please contact


We’re Heading to Bett Once Again! 

Bett 2023, hosted in London this March, will be a pivotal event in accelerating the development and recognition of education technology in the classroom. The Futuresource EdTech team will be on the show floor, connecting with other thought leaders in this space and covering Bett’s main topic and themes in our post-show report. With sustainability and innovation top of the agenda, the overarching theme of the event will focus on how we can transform the curriculum, with a focus on utilising pedagogy to reflect the accelerated use of technology to improve learner outcomes.

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