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More technology training for teachers integral to improving learning outcomes, new Futuresource research shows

The EdTech industry is grappling with the effectiveness of technology in improving learning outcomes as schools fight for funding to upgrade the solutions purchased during COVID-19 lockdowns. New research conducted by Futuresource Consulting has found that around 50% of teachers do not expect the class of 2024 to perform better than the class of 2019. 

“For some stakeholders, classroom technology dominates discussions around weakening learning outcomes,” says Claire Kerrison, Principal Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “However, our research has shown that over 65% of teachers believe that technology does improve learning outcomes when combined with effective instruction. Simply placing technology in classrooms is not enough – teachers must be trained on how to integrate it into the pedagogy.” 

The research, conducted with 850 K-12 teachers across the US, UK, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, saw teachers consistently report the same concerns regarding technology training. 

“We asked teachers what top three resources or support they need to better facilitate the achievement of learning outcomes,” says Kerrison. “The leading answer across every country was more training for teaching staff on how best to utilise technology in the classroom.” 

The survey found that the more years of teaching experience, the greater the perceived value of technology in improving learning outcomes.  

“This is a fantastic endorsement of the benefits of technology in education,” says Kerrison. “Teachers that started their careers with little to no technology have witnessed firsthand the positive impact it can bring to students. These are benefits new teachers, as digital natives, may take for granted.”  

Futuresource Consulting’s Ed Tech Voice: Learning Outcomes survey seeks to provide clarity on the perceived efficacy of technology in improving learning outcomes. It surveys teachers on their experiences and attitudes towards the impact of different technology solutions in the classroom, as well as exploring the barriers to tech being utilised to its potential.  

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Claire Kerrison

About the author

Claire Kerrison

Claire Kerrison leads the Education team, overseeing Futuresource’s quarterly K-12 PC tracker and end-user research programs. Claire is closely involved in the formation and delivery of custom projects covering the EdTech sphere.

Claire joined Futuresource in 2011 from the University of Birmingham where she collaborated on a broad range of market tracking and strategic projects covering the Displays industry. Claire went on to lead the Displays team, with a focus on developments in the Front Projector market.

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