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Pro PTZ Camera Market a Mix of Obstacles and Opportunities, still Outperforming Pre-Pandemic Levels

The professional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera market experienced an unpredictable year in 2021, full of fluctuations, as a surge in demand coincided with supply chain challenges. That’s the underlying theme of Futuresource Consulting’s latest market report, which explores the extent to which leading Pro PTZ brands were able to exploit the market opportunity.

“There is no doubt that disruption across the global supply chain dealt a gut punch to the Pro PTZ market in 2021,” says Shubham Kumar, Research Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “Yet market players were able to stay on their feet, delivering volume and value figures that exceeded the highest recorded pre-pandemic levels. And despite market volume falling by 7% compared to 2020, year-on-year value growth was still achieved.”

Component Prioritisation and Market Innovation

The fieldwork, completed in October 2022, shows that the combination of elevated end-user demand, and supply chain bottlenecks, forced vendors to allocate components to higher value products. This contributed to overall ASP growth, as well helping to stimulate more innovation in the market.

“Although Pro PTZ cameras began life as low-cost, easy-to-use devices,” says Kumar, “their success in higher price segments has ushered in a wide range of advancements. For example, Sony’s new ILME-FR7 is delivering a number of firsts, such as a large full frame sensor and an interchangeable lens mount enabling the camera to deliver optical performance on par with mirrorless cameras, large sensor camcorders, and even high-end digital cinema cameras. Now, we don’t expect this to lead to pro PTZs usurping those camera types, but it will certainly open up an even more diverse range of use cases.”

PTZ Market Captures Additional Budget

The proliferation of Pro PTZs across a range of vertical markets continued throughout 2021. From corporate and education, to government and house of worship, more organisations were able to secure budget to facilitate remote or hybrid working as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. This groundswell of activity has triggered a sustained period of activity, which is likely to continue.

As the Pro PTZ market becomes increasingly competitive, due to a crowded landscape of competing brands, Futuresource Consulting’s global Pro PTZ market report and forecasting capabilities can provide granular segmentation of the market by price point, technology specification and vertical application, to guide strategic decision making. For more information on this report, or to make a purchase, please contact

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