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Simon Forrest Joins Futuresource Consulting as Company Prepares for Next Growth Phase

Futuresource Consulting, the specialist research and consulting firm, has appointed Simon Forrest as Principal Technology Analyst, in a move that paves the way for the company’s future development.

Forrest, whose career spans more than 20 years across consumer electronics, network communications and advanced semiconductor design, has held leadership positions at Pace plc and Imagination Technologies, as well as being the engineering lead for Bush Internet TV, arguably a precursor to today’s smart TV systems.

"We are delighted to welcome Simon to our team as we prepare for the next stage in our journey," says Simon Bryant, Director of Research at Futuresource Consulting. “Simon will be responsible for identifying potential disruptive technology trends across multiple markets, allowing us to surpass our already enviable position within the industry. His expertise will prove a valuable addition to Futuresource and will ensure our clients have the best possible vantage point from which to view the consumer electronics horizon.”

Forrest’s career highlights include authorship of key patents in broadcast and broadband technologies, work as a member of the steering board of WorldDAB, and the advancement of hardware virtualisation in the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) consortium, leading to new architectures from member companies such as Telecom Italia and British Telecom. Forrest is widely quoted in the press, and the author of several thought-leadership articles published across industry journals and magazines.

“Futuresource Consulting’s golden combination of expertise, deep industry insight and commercial acumen is an approach that I hold dear,” says Forrest, “and I’m very excited to be joining them at a time when there’s so much happening in the world of consumer electronics. As industries collide, consumers assess their many options and brands battle it out for control of the living room, the landscape is shifting and being redesigned. I’m looking forward to exploring the nascent technology trends and getting to the heart of what the future could bring.”

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Simon Bryant

About the author

Simon Bryant

Simon became Director of Research in October 2017. Since joining the company in 2000 Simon has worked across imaging, data storage, entertainment, and most recently he headed up the company’s activities in Consumers Electronics.

Simon manages the company's continuous work in all aspects of CE, Entertainment, Imaging, Professional Displays and Education, with a focus TV displays, home AV, mobile, automotive and data-storage. In addition to managing the suite of continuous services, Simon is also a major contributor to various private client assignments.

Simon holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Business Management from Lancaster University.

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